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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ring! Ring!

Mr MG often calls My Girl while driving back from work and she's getting more and more chatty these days. So for a change, recently, I decided to have her call him instead. Here's what happened:

MG: Come, come, girl, let me write down daddy's telephone number so you can call him.

My Girl: Why write down, not write up?

MG: ----------- (Speechless, no answer and busy writing) Writes the number down wrongly twice and had to cancel it.

My Girl: Mummy why you scratch scratch the paper like that?

MG: Oh, sorry, I wrote the number wrongly so I'm cancelling it.

Later after dialing the number herself, I could see her face light up in a big smile when she heard her daddy answering ....

My Girl: Daddy? How come I didn't hear you calling?

MG: Hahaha. Thats because you called him, sweetie.

My Girl: Daddy, mummy write the number wrongly. (Her daddy must have been rather confused to hear this. Hehe.)

And they proceeded to have a long conversation after that on I don't know what.


  1. So early already teach your girl how to bou din wah zhuk ah? Next time big liao, she's gonna spend few hours on the phone only you know. Ha!

  2. I guess she will be asking for a handphone very soon :)

  3. jason,
    Aiyoh! Ya lar, I never thot of that! Charm ler....

    Oh she had one some time ago, yunno those cheapo made in china ones (cheap but quite canggih oso, got many ring tones and look like the real thing. hehe) but very fast rosak already from being thrown around. These days, I have to keep my handphone carefully, otherwise get thrown around by baby, sometimes kena throw until battery oso come out! Hmmmphh!

  4. Hahaha...she's so cute, ask you how come it's write down not write up...sometimes they really ask questions which make us dumbfolded..;)

  5. haha.. so cute ur girl. My Xuan already started to chat with people on the phone loh, and he can answer every question very clearly leh! How amazing at his age! yeah, headache, later they will ask for high-tech handphone liao :p

  6. Why not give her a phone book which has a few numbers of close friends or relatives too? We gave one to our niece and she's so happy with it. It makes her feel like she's a big girl now and knows how to read digits

  7. blurblur,
    Yes, I did not know how to answer that!

    Your Xuan can hold telephone conversations now, so smart. I remember seeing him for the first time on his potty video. Can't shake off that cute image of him. hehehe.

    If she starts dialing all the numbers from her little phonebook than finish lah me! hahaha.

  8. Very clever conversation I should say. She noticed that you said down instead of up. Very good!

    Ahhh, this age is full of questions. Cute isn't it!

    Next time have it on speed dial. No need to write 'up' and no need to sratch :P

  9. Wien already start dialing phone to SIL's daughter, call her to come over and play with her!! She can memorised the no so well!
    She ever dial my hp no too, as we pasted family member's hp number on the wall...wah, cannot imagine one day she secretly dial all no!!!!

  10. geetha,
    If I have it on speed dial, I think the daddy will have to answer his phone all day at work. hahaha.

    LOL! Your Wien can call cousin to come over and play with her! So cute.

  11. Haha..so cute. The things that come out from our children's mouth.

  12. wah...Mr MG call often ahh..He must be a very patience man lah...coz normally kids will repeat & repeat the same sentense mah...hehe..

  13. she very clever hor.. i think the "speechless" fr. u will occur more often. hehe!!

  14. along,
    The kids do say the most delightful things don't they?

    He likes to hear his daughter's voice mah...

    Ya lor, most of the time I dunno how to answer her "why this why that" questions.

  15. So did your daughter keep her daddy's number? Wah, can just imagine now she must want to call her daddy everyday. Hahaha.
    As for me, I just teach my girl how to answer phone calls, not to call out. The other day she answered the call and went "Hello, who are you?" Aiyooooo, need more practise.

  16. hahaha... your hubby must be very happy that his girl can call him.

  17. i remember how i taught my baby all our handphone numbers

    i have all the member's photos stick on the cardboard and in each photo, i write the telephone number down ( at that time, she could not read yet)

    and guess what? now my maid use the cardboard to call us pulak

  18. My son is the one who's always want to call his daddy. You know y? He want his daddy fast fast come back from work so he can go park to play.

    You gal so clever, yes on this age they keep asking question till you dunno how to answer. My son will keep asking the question when you had answer the previos one.

  19. Wow.. questioning age has arrived huh? Why? How? What? When..

    But she's so cute.

  20. lian,
    she doesn't know how to look at the number and call, she wanted me to read the numbers to her. :)

    ya lor, he miss her so when he's at work.

    siao cha bor,
    hahaha. good what, very useful and long lasting your cardboard!

    Keep on asking questions once you've finished answering the previous one? Haha. Yes, I know all about that.

    zara's mama,
    Why is usually tops on the list. Its never ending. Sometimes she's not satisfied with my reply and answers it herself.

  21. Noticed kids nowadays love talking over the phone huh?

    Bb will pick up every call from mil's house. He will pass the phn over to adult only after saying hallo and chatted a while. So my Mil friends have to bare with my son's babbling. :P

  22. allyfeel,
    Hehe. We think its simply too cute but I think sometimes the caller may get impatient eh? ;)


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