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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

MITstem International School - First STEM Secondary School in Malaysia

This post is brought to you by MITstem International School

STEM Education for Secondary School Students

Here's one schooling option which is new to Malaysia and now open to secondary school students. STEM Education. STEM is a term used to group together the academic disciplines comprising of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Schools that offer STEM as a curriculum choice improve students' competitiveness in the area of science and technology development. Now STEM Education is available for the first time in Malaysia at MITstem International School at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam.

MITstem International School - First STEM Secondary School in Malaysia

MITstem International School is a secondary school education provider in Malaysia focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Education. Emphasis in on both academic and hands-on learning.

STEM Education is a secondary school option for students who wish to be competitive in the area of science and technology. STEM is everywhere in our lives as the world gets more digital. Students who get exposed to STEM and are given the opportunity to learn STEM skills from an early age will have the advantage in new fields and present-day job opportunities in automation, robotics, digital transformation and AI, e-commerce, software and app development, information technology, data analysis and more. These are 21st century skills and job roles that are taking the center stage today as technology continue to expand rapidly into every aspect of our lives.

MITstem International School - History

Just as the digital world that keeps on developing and progressing, MITstem International School has been continually evolving. It first started as a furniture manufacturer before venturing into training and consultancy. It later evolved into a a technical college offering engineering skills courses to school leavers. In 2012, the Ministry of Education of Education appointed MIT Academy (as it was previously known) as the first Private Vocational College offering the Malaysian Vocational Diploma programme for PT3 graduate students for a 4-year diploma programme.

In 2019 MIT Academy will begin operations as MITstem International School, the first STEM Secondary School in Malaysia with state of the art facilities including specialized labs like their science lab, electronic lab, robotics lab, hydraulic lab, mechatronic lab, automation lab, pneumatic lab and CAD and coding / programming computer lab and the latest industry 4.0 MMS automation learning equipment.

MITstem International School classroom and labs

The school also has a smart partnership with Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah & Raja Tun Uda Library to offer library, swimming pool, squash court, tennis court and golfing facilities to students.

What to Expect at MITstem International School

The school provides ‘hands on’ and ‘practical learning’ on STEM subjects and multiple certifications for students such as IGCSE, AdvancED Cert which focus on STEM, Licensed Technology Cert from Multinational corporations, and STEMera hybrid cert to students who sit and pass for the assessments and examination.

Apart from the various certification, the school believes that a good education is not only about exam results, but also the emotional and social development of all children. MITstem International School offers a rich extracurricular calendar, which includes day and residential trips, after school clubs, work experience, and an array of school events designed to develop students at all levels including a maker-space for creativity and development.

MITstem International School provides 70% academic focused education and 30% hands on learning.

Registration for 2019 Intake is now open at MITstem International School with Merit Scholarships and Bursary Financial Assistance Available

UPSR Achievers & Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Excellent Students get an opportunity to enjoy 50% - 100% Merit Scholarship for admission into Year 7 (Form 1) at MITstem International School. These scholarships will save you from RM11,000 to RM22,000 in schooling fees.

Scholarships are open to Malaysian primary school students for new admissions into Year 7 (applicable for January, February and March 2019 intake only). Students should be active in co-curricular activities and contribute to the school community.

A 30% Bursary Financial Assistance is also offered for UPSR/Checkpoint students who have minimum of 2As in their results.

Parent's Testimonial

Ms Su had not heard about STEM education before but she now realizes that it is a good idea for her son because it prepares him for the digital world.  Ms Sue believes that the son will enjoy studying in MITstem International School with support of the workforce in school and the good environment.

Where to Get More Info About MITstem International School

Address :
MITstem International School
No.26, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Y 31/Y
Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam Selangor.
Tel : (+603) 5122 0701

Website : www.mitstem.edu.my



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