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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Where to Download UPSR Exam Sample Papers

Where to download UPSR exam sample papers? This is a frequently asked question in our group. In this post, we did a search to find the best places online to download UPSR trial papers for practice. Some of them come with answers, some do not. We've put them together for your easy reference. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Malaysia Tercinta.com has compiled the past year UPSR papers for 2017 and 2016. These do not come with answers and some are incomplete. They also have UPSR trial papers by states with answers. Now these come with answers and that's really useful. The papers are for SK.

2. Sistem Guru Online has a UPSR papers bank for 2018 past year papers as well as those from previous years from various states for both SK (mostly) and SJKC (some). They have built up quite a lot of resource over the years, so the best thing is to search for "UPSR" on the site to access the UPSR past year actual and trial papers.

3. MyKSSR.com has UPSR trial papers for 2016 SK.  You will need to click on the link that says "Untuk muat turun koleksi ini, klik link dibawah: Koleksi Soalan Setara Percubaan UPSR". When you click on that link, you will download a RAR file containing all the 2016 papers. A RAR file is a zip file so you will need a RAR Zip extractor software to extract and view the papers. You can search for free rar zip extractors online and download a free extractor to use if your computer does not have one.

4. Andrewchoo.edu.my has UPSR state exam papers from 2011 to 2018 for SK and SJKC papers.  The files are also in RAR file format, so you will need a RAR Zip extractor software to open and view the papers. There are many free RAR Zip extractors you can download for personal use. The advantage of the rar file format is the ability to download multiple files at one go so you can download the whole set of papers all at one go instead of downloading them one at a time. Similar to a zipped file, which you have to unzip, you have to "unpack" the rar file to view the documents. You can do this once you have the rar file extractor.

5. Pendidik2u.my has forecast papers for UPSR 2017 and other years. If you browse around the site, you will find other UPSR papers to download as well.

6. SumberPendidikan.com has UPSR papers labeled with the latest years. If you go to the UPSR tab on the website, you will be taken to a page with lots of posts labeled 2019. When you click on those images and links, you will be led to more and more links that keep you browsing and finally when you arrive at the download page, you may find that the paper is in actual fact a 2016 or 2017 paper that has not yet been updated but merely renamed in anticipation for future download. Rather misleading and a bit disappointing but if you have the time and patience to do the browsing, you will probably find useful materials for UPSR practice and revision for Standard 6 students.

7. Sasbadi Online Resource/Download Center has a few model papers for UPSR for free download. Go to this page and select either Pintar Cerdas or Model Aspirasi A+ to access the model UPSR papers. The others you see on the page are for secondary school students so unless you have children in secondary school as well, you can safe your time, no need to browse those.

Note that when you are on the website for MyKSSR.com,  Pendidik2u.my and Sumber Pendidikan, there will be banners suggesting you join their group on Telegram. Telegram is a messaging app. You can download it here for Android or here for IOS devices. The telegram group is like a whatsapp group. Currently the MyKSSR.com group has 3700 subscribers, Pendidik2u.my has 48700 members and Sumber Pendidikan has 84900 subscribers. Obviously the higher the subscriber number, the more frequently it is updated and shares useful educational material including UPSR related materials. However, they may contain hidden ads and the more active the group, the more notifications you will receive on your mobile, some of the notifications may not be relevant. If you do not like this, do not go this route. Of course, you can also mute the notifications if you prefer.

There may be some other sites if you do a search online but some are repeats and some contain lots of words purporting that there are UPSR papers for download when there are only one or two links available. There may also be sites requesting you to enter your phone number or join to get free ebooks or downloads. Be careful of those kinds of sites and inform your children not to give private information away freely.

I hope this compilation helps UPSR students and parents. All the best in your practice and revision.

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