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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pull and Point!

My boy is a full blown toddler now. Time flies! At 19 months he can't speak yet (I think my girl spoke earlier but I can't remember now cos I didn't have a blog then!) but he can certainly communicate his wishes quite clearly now.

When he wants to eat something on the dining table, he will Pull and point! (ie. he will take someone's hand, pull them all the way to the dining table and then point at the desired food.)

When he wants to have a toy he can't reach, he will Pull and point! (take someone's hand, pull them to the playpen and point to the craved toy.)

When he wants to show us that his soft toy is on tv, he will Pull and point! (pull someone's hand, point to the soft toy then point to the tv.)

Hehehe. Smart boy! Mummy loves you!


  1. emm..boy does start speaking later than girl, at least I have seen a lot mommy worry about their boy still not speak when other same age girl start chating around.
    it prove girl very chatty :P.

  2. Hey..MG,
    My brat is the same way.. almost 23 months.. and still pointing.. hahhaha!!

  3. yup yup, my boy's pointing too... wake up straight away got to the hall and point to the TV... "Uh uh uh..."... means he wants barney already!

  4. maria, paed say not to worry till they turn 2.

    mama bok, that sounds like fun.

    sue, haha. mine is presently crazy about chicken little. wants to clutch on to the chicken little toy even when I'm breastfeeding him. (*rolls eyes*)

  5. when they start to talk, they will talking non-stop... example like my xuan.. kekeke... u will see :D

  6. my boy already start yapping non-stop since he is 5-6 months old... kinda like that mumbling Jason :P

  7. Hehehe...so ur hands are always busy loh?

  8. shiaulin, my girl talks non-stop too. :)

    egghead, haha. not sure if the mumbling Jason will be pleased with your remark!

    allyfeel, legs oso very busy!

  9. He's signing to you.. still a way of communicating. :P

  10. zara's mama, yup. definitely communicating well now even without words. :)

  11. Hi Maria

    My name is also Maria. I have a 21/2 year old and he had alot of issues with speech. He does sign just like yours.

    I kept telling the doctors I felt something was off and no one beleived me and said he was perfect. Well, his 2 year check up came along and the doctors freaked when again I told him he had no "true Words" as of yet. What they told me to do was to get in touch with "Early Intervention" Its a federal funded program. So its everywhere for every state. Professionals will come to your home and deliver therapies for eg. Speech therapy. The cost is nothing. Most of the time its free but if you must pay its really little.

    Anyway they helped my son alot and now he speaks. Not clearly by def has about 40 true words. The therapist are the one that thought us and him how to sign to foster better communication between us. Now as the words are coming the signing is not often used. But its a good back up in case you can't really understand him.

    So my advice to you would be to look into Early Intervention. Its worth it! And it couldnt hurt. If anything it will just speed him up with his language skills. Good Luck


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