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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dirty swimming pool water

Recently we took the kids swimming. Its the first time my boy joins us. Previously he sat in his pram and watched. Poor baby!

My boy is younger and I watched him more closely than my girl who is more independant now. My girl saw me sitting on the steps at the side of the pool and wanted to do the same. I let her but did not notice that she was happily drinking the pool water. 'Cos when she sat down, the water reached her face level.

"Mummy there's so much water." she exclaimed happily. "I drank some because it reached my mouth. So much water everywhere!"

That night she threw up in the middle of the night. All over the bed and comforter and she had diarrhea for 5 days! Poor girl! (Its not fun feeling sick) and poor mummy! (Its no fun cleaning the comforter and changing sheets in the middle of the night! We had all been passing colds and sore throat around the house so it could have been due to that but I somehow felt that it must have been due to the pool water. Children's pool water can be rather dirty even though it looks clear and nice.

I must remember this lesson, ie. that little children can get into trouble really easily with their curious nature and eagerness to learn and experience. Must be more careful next time.

P.S. Maria, Egghead, thats my 3 posts as promised. Haha! Actually I haven't come out of hibernation but I can't sleep so might as well post my head blogs before I forget them.


  1. go to the swimming pool more, she will get use to it, I mean her body. and also she had learnt the lesson I guess--not to drink the water in the swimming pool.
    It happen to my girls too, but mild diarrhea, Annabelle a little bit serious, because her stomach not as good as Isabelle. so after that diarrhea incident, I told them if they drink the water they will get "stomach pain pain", so since then they closed their mouth when they in the swimming pool. our kids very smart wan, they will learn.

    Wah...feel so good can be the 1st to comment on all your three latest blogs hehehe...

    Egghead very busy, you might see him on Monday :P.

  2. Heh. You don't want to know how dirty a swimming pool can be. :P

    I thought you were gone for good. Didn't know Auntie Maria and Uncle Egghead could actually "force" you out.

  3. Sorry to hear that girl got sick.. i know it must be really hard .. when kids get sick.. :(
    Hope all of you get well soon.. and get rested too.. :)
    Is there a way for you to get some help.. during times like that..???

  4. maria, ya lor, I think she learnt her lesson the hard way. Now she won't dare to drink adi!

    hey there Jason, Haha. Force me out? No need one. But to stop blogging? that one need to force!

    mama bok, we're still having a bit of the sniffles but otherwise everyone is happy and in the best of moods.

    sue, yup she is. Even on the days when she had the diarrhea she was still running about happily. Even I would have complained more about going to toilet 4-5 times a day from diarrhea pain.

  5. wah, swimming pool can be that dangerous ah? poor girl, i hope she is feeling better now.. mummy too.

    i have only exposed my son to the make-shift children's pool at home. getting him used to the water. wonder what mess he will get into when he is exposed to the swimming pool.

  6. those pool water is poisonous one leh if drink too much... chlorine poison is no small matter leh... better be careful next time!

    I will ask my son to use his "force" to help you stop blogging lor if you want :P

  7. oi... come back never tell me *pout* kidding nia
    poor girl... is she better already?

  8. kids don't know that some water cannot be taken. so serious arr, diarrhea.

    My son always drink the bath water and also the some pool water. Lucky he was ok.

  9. aiyo porr girl. Hope she's OK liao now :0

  10. geetha, the makeshift pools at home must be very tiring to set up but its worth it when you see him having fun right?

    egghead, even the 'force' cannot stop me. hehehe.

    dg, she's definitely better now and no, I haven't 'come back'. Just a peek-a-boo thats all.

    allyfeel, ya lor, diarrhea for so many days but she was overall ok luckily.

    jazzmint, she's happy again now, thanks. :)

  11. u can say that again.. but i love to see his face and the excitement in him when he sees us preparing his pool. he just loves the water.

    I can't wait to get him into a swimming pool..

  12. hope she's better now. Visited the PD yet?

  13. There's lots of added ajinomotos in pools. At my apartment pool, some kids happily "announced" that they have just peed in it! eewww. pity those who have to drink it!

  14. Hey MG, didn't know you've come out of hibernation already. Haven't visited because the last few times I checked, got nothing new, so was quite surprised to see all these new entries. All that sloooow eating, is that a clue for us as to what ails you?

  15. geetha, Haha. He gets all excited seeing you preparing the pool? Those are the sweetest moments yah?

    twin, I didn't visit the PD as she was overall still in a good mood, no further vomiting, no signs of dehydration and still got an appetite. Now she's all better again. :)

    baby smooches, I'm sure its filled with pee, just not poo as well, I hope!

    Lydia, Nope. If thats whats ailing me, I wouldn't be eating at all, I'd be throwing up. Hahaha.

  16. Oh so sorry to hear that. That's why we hardly go to the public pool these days. They had a show On OPrah which showed a child died due to ecoli infection. Take care of ur self too.

  17. want to see how long you three lao-sai post will last.

  18. a&a'smom, Thats sad but I guess we just have to be more careful instead of denying them of some fun.

    maria, got new lao-sai! hahaha.

  19. Very true. I am dying to go for a swim


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