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Monday, November 14, 2005

One line blog!

Due to special request from Maria aka twinsmom, here's my one line turned into many lines blog. (*wink wink*) Maria, now you won't see the Jekyll and Hyde heading any more. Hahaha. Everyday I still blog... in my head, though I have other priorities at the moment than my blog. The number of stuff accumulated in my head to blog getting more and more, when I finally get back to blogging, I think I have to post 3 times a day to make up for lost time. Hehe.


  1. yah so nice to see ur 'one line blog' anyway... do come back and blog more after settle ur priorities matter ok.

  2. yea...been seeing the jekyl and hyde heading for quite sometime now;)

  3. Hello MG, glad to see the one line blog. Waiting here patiently to see u blog again. Tata!

  4. hahaha...glad to see you again and many lines blog LOL..., and 3 posts a day? sure or not? don't make me happy aje, then where is today post?
    come come, pour out all the blogs in your head.

  5. Hi Ladies, Thank you for dropping by even when I'm "out". I sure miss your blogs too. Did I miss anything? :(

  6. yup, one line blog better than keep seeing Jekyll and Hyde everytime i check this page heheh...

  7. yipeeeeeee...good to see u here again. missed ur postings!

  8. better make sure you keep your promise huh :P

  9. Thanks y'all. missed reading your postings too and will try to keep my "promise". hehe.

  10. last night I laying on the bed before fall into lalaland, I suddenly remember I forgot to check your blog for one last time before sleep. because you said three posts a day mah, so I thought: "Sh*t, what happen she did put up two more blogs, and I didn't read it yet, die, than she will tease me 'neh neh neh, I blog liao you didn't read'."
    Then this morning quick quick check feeder, *phew*...not yet update, not yet blog lao-sai *phew*...which mean I can kacau more in your comment board :pbpbpb.

  11. Lol. You didn't read carefully lar.. I meant when I come out of hibernation first. Hehehe.

  12. glad to see some movement in your blog.
    hope u come out of hibernation quick.
    u are missing alot...

  13. How did I know you not come out from hibernation on that day? :pbpbpbp

  14. You will know, you will know. Hahaha.


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