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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The best thing you can do for your children is to take care of yourself

"Hon, please look after yourself first. That is the best thing you can do for the kids."

After coming home from hospital due to having 3 seizures in a day, the first thing I started lamenting about was how disappointed I was that our girl could not start kindergarden as we had planned and when we should start her as soon as possible. (since she's already late starting).

My husband could only look at me, shake his head and repeat the above phrase over and over again. I tried to protest but I didn't argue with him as I normally would. Hehe. What he says is true of course so how could I argue. I am disappointed that I could not start my girl in kindergarden but there is nothing I can do accept concentrate on recovering ie getting as much sleep as possible and learning not to get stressed up over little things.

I had planned to either drive her (in fact we had been searching for a second car right up to the day before the seizures) or walk her. Now neither seems possible. Sigh. I can't drive. Its too dangerous. Walking the kids alone would be too risky too. So I'll have to find alternative transportation arrangement but all that is secondary.

Like hubby says, "take care of yourself first, then worry about the rest later." And thats exactly what I'll do. Same message goes out to all parents out there. Take care of yourself. Don't take your health lightly. The best thing you can do for your children is to take care of yourself.


  1. i hope you're getting well. n don worry - get well first then think abt other stuff. btw, i'm confused - i thot u had another blog elsewhere on ur own domain??? or is there another MG somewhere else??? *blur*

  2. pablopabla, egghead,
    Hmm... how come all the daddies concur hah?

    Hahaha. Sorry for the confusion. (Or rather I should say Aha! You don't follow my blog closely enuf! Anyway I don't expect you or anyone else to. I like it this way. This way I can spread out writing my personal stuff over several blogs and unless you follow all of them, which most won't, you won't know me so well lah!) I moved my "personal" blog to my own domain but was too lazy or rather dunno how and too lazy to learn to transfer my old blog posts there. Besides this one still has "commercial value" so I'm keeping it. Heheh. So now I have 3--4 blogs. The so called personal one, this parenting one which I write about my children mostly, the mothering one, which is strictly for moms (abt breastfeeding, childbirth etc which will bore everyone else to tears!) and another one on quotes languishing somewhere out there in cyber space. You can find the links to all of them on my sidebar.

  3. Have not been blog hopping and suddenly today was shock to find out about your seizure. What your husband is so true. So...do take time and take care of yourself yah.

  4. Yup..! your hubby is so right..! you take good care..!

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  6. Take care of yourself first. Things will eventually turn out right when you stop worrying. :)

    The cantonese always say "the boat will straighten when it's near the harbor." :D

  7. wmd,
    I'm equally shocked.

    Thanks again.

    What a nice saying. I'll try to remember it. Thanks.

  8. Because daddies love mommies :)

  9. Yo...you are back in action! Yes, must take care of ourselves first! You too!

  10. jessie,
    Yes, thanks I'm trying to.

    Hey, thats sweet.

    Hehe. Yes, I'm back! Life goes on eh?

  11. a&a'smom2:35 PM, April 19, 2007

    MG, really sorry that u were not well. Yes I totally agree-Health is definately wealth! If we dont respect & care for our own body , who else will. So tace care dear.


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