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Friday, April 27, 2007

Moral Lessons: Do Not Accept Gifts or Food from a Stranger

Recently I was trying to teach my girl some moral lessons.

At home........

MG: Do not talk to strangers and do not accept gifts or food from strangers. Strangers are people you don't know. Understand or not?

My Girl: Why?

MG: Because some strangers may be bad people so you don't know if the things or food they give you are bad or not. So don't accept anything from strangers and don't talk to strangers. Also don't open the door for strangers. Blah blah blah...

At the supermarket........

Promoter hands MG a packet of soap powder which MG accepts.

My Girl: Mummy, why did you accept things from that stranger?

MG: *Speechless* (Actually I mumbled something about that was a promoter etc but the answer sounded so lame to me. Later on, I told her she was right to remind mummy not to accept anything from a stranger. Hahaha!)

Tell me, how would you have answered your kid if they asked you that?


  1. I told my kids that when mummy and daddy is around to approve then they can accept. Else they can never accept things/invitation from strangers especially in school. I also them them if teacher in school give is ok, other than that NO.

  2. maybe u should rephrase how u tell her. but its difficult lah... heheheh... they are so innocent so they will surely tell u off one.

  3. Hello Mumsgather,

    I would like to get in touch with you about sponsoring will it be ok if you dropped me an email at parentas@gmail.com - since it is a public post i cant leave my cell no.


  4. well at such a young age...just say cannot accept from strangers

    maybe when they are older than they may use their discretion lor...now very hard for them to decide so just set an easy rule to follow.

  5. I'll say it's okay because we can't eat soap. And nobody wants to kidnap an OLD mommy/daddy. Hahahah. Sometimes, my daughter acts like a mother to me too, using my own words against me. Sigh!

  6. dragonmummy,
    Thats a good reply.

    Tell you off or ask a million more questions you can't answer.

    mommy of two angels,
    Only, you must observe the same rules too!

    If I said that, she'd ask me "What is kidnap?" "Why can't we eat soap?"

  7. Now.. that's a hard one..! i gave it some thought.. but no matter what answers i came up with .. it was contradicting myself.. hahhaa!!
    Now who said.. parenting was easy eh..??

  8. mama bok,
    Lol! Nosiree. Parenting is not easy at all. We learn a lot from the little ones don't we?


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