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Monday, April 30, 2007

How to make a reluctant eater eat up

My girl is a reluctant eater. Its hard to get her to eat up her food. She will eat when I'm feeding her though. I'm really tired of this food war we have at home. Her brother loves food and loves eating on his own. He will eat up until he's full then tell you that he's full.

So one day I had this idea. I brought out the heart shape chocolate which the kids love and showed it to them. "Whoever finishes their food first, will get this chocolate" I said and you know what? My girl, the reluctant eater, finished her food all by herself in a jiffy. Lol!

I know I can't always use this method but it worked for the day. The other reason why I can't use this method all the time is because its unfair to the little brother who eats well but couldn't finish as fast as her just because he's younger. So although he didn't get to eat the heart shaped chocolate, I gave him a tub of yoghurt, which he loves for finishing his meal.

Does anyone else have a better idea than this on how to make a reluctant eater eat up? I hope you can share with me.


  1. i am very eager to know the solutions too!! mine is an equally relunctant eater........

  2. Ah hah.... my current ploy is RAISINS!!!! Works very well!!!

  3. My dd, Amira, has always been an extremely fussy eater from the day I introduced her solids and I have almost given up trying (she will be 3 in June). Bribes don't work on her.

    The times she eats really well are when she is with friends or cousins!! .. and that cannot happen at every meal time!! .. kinda of frustating when u see other ppl children eating and enjoying their food!!

  4. vyvy,
    Afraid I'm of not much help to you eh?

    Mine hates raisins. :(

    They just have their own personality and there is not much we can do about it accept wait for them to outgrow it. My girl has always been a difficult eater, right from the time she was a baby, so different from her brother which loves food and loves feeding himself.

  5. Chloe is a reluctant eater too..!
    No amount of bribing will get her to eat.. unless i sit with her.. and feed her.. *sigh*.. i would like some solution to this too..!

  6. mama bok,
    Your Chloe sounds just like my girl. She wouldn't eat unless I feed her. Luckily her lil' brother is the opposite of her. He wants to feed himself and he loves food. Otherwise I would tear my hair out if I have two reluctant eaters. Lol!

  7. I tell her why each food is good and important for her.

    You want to be clever? Must eat fish.
    You have sharp eyes, you want to keep your sharp eyes? Must eat carrots.
    You want to have soft poo poo or hard poo poo? Soft right? Must have some vege.

    Or sometimes, since she likes crunchy stuff, we'll let her have 1 spoon regular food, 1 spoon with the crunchy stuff (the crispy chicken or fish, or just ikan bilis).

  8. zara's mama,
    Oh you are really good. Thanks for the tips. :)


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