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Monday, April 23, 2007

My Baby is Three

My baby turned three over the weekend. Time really flies. It seems like he just learned his first word yesterday. Now he can say a lot more than that. Haha. As usual, we decided to splash on the gift rather than on a party so we had a private family party and bought him a motorized scooter or police motorbike. He was delighted! He looked absolutely adorable riding the motorbike, a little fella on a miniature bike.

Since its his birthday, I might as well record some observations I make of him or his character so far.

  • He is independant. He often insists on doing things himself. He often says "I want to eat myself" "I wanna do myself" insisting on dressing himself, eating himself, wearing his own shoes and going to the toilet himself etc. I've only just recently toilet trained him but he is fully trained now. He wakes up dry every morning and he can point his pee pee in the right places now. Hahaha. And he often insists on pulling his pants up himself after that.
  • He is a neat little fellow. When he feeds himself, he always makes sure the food falls on his plate or bowl and not on the table and if any food crumbs should fall on the table, he would insist that I wipe it immediately (*rolls eyes*). When he feels like vomitting he would tell me "I wanna burb" then rush to the toilet bowl and throw up there. Such a good little boy he is.
  • He loves to sing. I can often hear him singing songs he makes up to himself when he is playing.
  • He loves to eat.
  • He has a bad habit of pinching my face before he goes to sleep. When I tell him not to, he says "Nice!" then gives me a kiss or says "Sorry" then continues to do it. *rolls eyes again*. Once he even said "I pinch you because I love you." Alamak! A sweet talker in the making.
  • He is polite and generous with his "Sorry"s and "Thank you"s or "Thank Ku" as said by him.
  • He is manja and if he cries he won't stop till I comfort or hug him. A small thing could have him cry with big big tears rolling down his face as though its such a big thing and so pitiful. Really.

Thats my boy just turned three. Mmmmuaks! Mummy loves you very, very much!


  1. Happy Birthday to you.....!!!!

  2. Eh u always say baby baby i tot very small baby . Sekali he is 3!! wow! Happy birthday ....err baby!!

  3. Happy birthday to the 3 year old baby! Indeed time flies....sounds like a fine young man you got there.


  4. channelwong,
    Thanks on behalf of baby.

    Haha. Ya lor. I think I will still call him a baby when he is 30 but I don't think he will like that very much!

    Yes, time really flies! My girl will be 5 next month.

  5. a&a'smom12:58 PM, April 24, 2007

    HAPPY BELATED BDAY TO BB!! Hey good for you that he is so neat. Bys r usually the opposite esp mine.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    Time flies when your kids are young. My kids will be 5 in May and 3 in October. So fast!!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday. This is the time they do and say a lot of cute things.

  8. He is such an obedient boy, able to dress and feed himself. Saves you a lot of time.

  9. a&a's mum,
    He's the opposite of his sister. :)

    Yes, yes. Its really fast. They grow up so fast!

    Yes, a time to cherish. :)

    Yes, he is a good little boy. :)


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