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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Gold Standard in Milk Powders

Does your child take the gold standard in Milk Powders or the normal Milk Powders? The Gold Standard means Milk Powders that are enhanced with extra nutrients plus DHA etc. Mine takes the normal Milk Powders. Why? Simply because as a breastfeeding mum, I felt that the kids have all the DHA etc that they needed from my breast milk so I didn't bother to read up about the other nutrients and other goodness in the Milk Powders. To me, the DHA, AA, SA, etc are just alphabets. Frankly, I do not know much about them.

Now that the kids are older, aged 4 and 6, I was wondering whether I should try those Gold Standard in Milk Powders. I have always wondered about that but never bothered to do any research into it. Perhaps I should.

Recently, I came across a magazine article about Friso Gold Growing Up Milk. I checked the website (www.dutchlady.com.my) and saw a few things that interest me. First, about the milk. There is Friso Gold 3 and Friso Gold 4. As the name suggests, Friso Gold 3 is for those aged 1-3 and Friso Gold 4 is for those aged 3 onwards.

According to the site the Friso Gold Milk is formulated with Frisoshield™, a nutritious blend of prebiotics (FOS), probiotics (L. reuteri), nucleotides, selenium and mixed carotenes. The Friso Gold 3 & 4 also has DHA, AA and SA for your child’s overall development. Gosh! What do all these mean?

Well, I did the hard work for you and found out what all those alphabet means. Lol!

  • Prebiotics (FOS) = Prebiotics helps the good bacteria in our gut to grow and flourish which leads to an improved immune system

  • Probiotics (L. reuteri) = Probiotics are bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms (microflora) in our intestines. In other words they improve the environment of our intestinal tract

  • Nucleotides = A nucleotide is a chemical compound that consists of 3 portions: a nitrogenous base, a sugar, and one or more phosphate groups. It supports immune system and also plays an important role in reducing the duration of diarrhoea cases in young child.

  • Selenium = A trace mineral found in some foods (antioxidant)

  • Mixed Carotenes = Contains Vitamin A, beta carotene, alpha carotene and many other beneficial consituents

  • DHA = Docosahexaenoic Acid is an Omega-3 Fatty Acid

  • AA = Arachidonic Acid is another essential Fatty Acid

  • SA = Sialic Acid
Gosh? What does all that mean? Lol! To sum it all, the milk is supplemented with extra nutrition and goodness for your child.

But the thing that I like most about it is the PACKAGING! Yes, you heard me right. I've got a screen capture below. I love the packaging! The scoop is stuck at the back of the cover. No more digging into the milk to find the scoop. Haha. Its such a hassle to wash a spoon, dry it before digging in to find the scoop! (Or when I'm plain lazy, dig my wet fingers in. That's so unhygienic but I must confess that I do it. :P) In addition, there is a little level bar so that you get the perfect scoop every time. Not too large or too little. What a good idea.

(You can click here to get a free sample pack.). I will get a sample to try Friso Gold milk and hope they will like it. Last time, when I weaned them off breastmilk, they didn't adjust to the new milk formula immediately. They had never tasted any other formula other than their present one. Sometimes they looooooved their present milk but sometimes they turned their noses away from it. I was thinking that an alternative would be good for them and hope that they would not reject it.

I have a question to ask. What brand of milk does your child take? Do you go for Gold Standard or normal Milk Powders? Have you ever changed brands? Did your child reject it? Can you share with me how you did it? Do you use only one brand or do you have an alternative brand?


  1. Actually if your kids are taking a normal healthy diet ,there's no need for these "enriched" and expensive formulas.Milk which started as a main nutrition should be a complementary food by now. In fact a complete diet provides all these and more! It's all in the packaging as you said. But parents will always think the more expensive ,the better it is for their child! After I weaned off my kids from breastmilk,I gave them the normal full cream milk powder. As a mum to 2 growing kids,I was in your situation too. But after extensive reading and critical thinking, I find nothing beats old fashioned, common sense healthy nutrition.I suppose being a doctor influenced my decision too!

  2. my children has been drinking this brand since birth till now! and thanks for the information :)

  3. anon,
    Thank you for sharing. :)

    So you also haven't changed brands from birth.

  4. I am a type of mom that don't have much believed in any 'chemical added' in kids milk. All my kids had got BM for the first 6 months and then drink milk formula till aged 1. After that used normal milk powder since I've tried almost every kids milk taste too sweet. The last 2 years I changed their milk with pasteurized fresh milk / UHT milk (I used Ultra brand)after I read that too many useful vitamins and minerals had lost in the milk processing into powder. No other chemical added that could replace them perfectly (and I believe this!). I also take the other logical benefit that kids could easily pour & drink milk from the paper pack without my helps whenever they want. So far their healths and intelligences turned very good at this moment. So that's my experiences with milk. I wrote about milk too couple of days ago. Maybe it useful too as added information to read.

  5. My kids drinks "capalang" milk - meaning they have tried many brands including the normal & gold brand. Reason : "Free gift" attracted me..*guilt*. So far they did not reject any type of milk I gave... Come to think of it, I think I shuld stay with just the normal brand huh..

  6. hmmm is this packaging new?? my elder boy is on friso 4 and i recently bought from NTUC but the packaging is not like that leh?! the new packaging (if it is new) is so cool!

  7. My children are taking goal milk and they like it.

  8. sorry, I mean goat milk.

  9. henny,
    Thank you. I will hop over to read your post when I find the time. :)

    Thats nice. Your kids aren't picky like mine. :)

    Yes, I believe its a new packaging.

    Oh, I haven't tried that before. Interesting.

  10. I now go for normal and cheaper milk brands. My kids don't really eat much, so I give them cod liver and oil and multi-vites, and making sure that have home-cooked food most of the time..

  11. my brother who was a scientist in Maplethorpe UK, (now he works in a related field in USA) gave me a formula that his department comes up with. It turned out that formula milk is just a convenient combination of food for the child but of which more than 50%isnt absorb into the body unlike real food. What makes them fleshy is all the palm olein and oil that goes into the milk and sugar to counter the bitter aftertaste of formula. That being said, I still give Kimberly Pediature because it is still a form of convenient food. its kind of like a supplement on top of her 3 daily meals.

    Ashley , the 2 1/2 is not on any formula. Being breastfed, she rely on cheese and dairy products for calcium and salmon, cod fish for DHA.
    Hope that helps

  12. baby smooches,
    I don't give my kids supplementations and I really must reduce their fast food intake!

    Thanks for the info. :)

  13. Reese takes the Similac series by Abbot since 7 months old. I mix it with breast milk... now he is taking GainPlus (gold milk) also by Abbot. Formula milk is so expensive...hai...

  14. a gift from god,
    Yes it is expensive isn't it, so are diapers and baby clothes and other baby stuff. :P

  15. Wow, what a review for Friso Gold. Bryan is currently on Friso G 3. He was never much of a milk drinker once i weaned him off bf, but we gave him Abott's Eye Q Advance. Then the milk powder price keep going up, and since he is not much of a milk fan (sometimes make oredi, throw away), we decided to find a cheaper alternative.

    I think all milk is the same. So we got some samples from PD and he does not seem to differ between them. At first i considered Dutch Lady 123 cos it was really cheap. I was a DL drinker and i grew up fine.

    Then i got guilty for being a cheapo mum and bot the DL gold std for him lo.

    Also like u, i was impressed by the additional stuff in the milk and it is still cheaper than Abbott's, so now we are on Gold. :)

  16. My older son, RE, started with Moriniaga. Then we switched to Isomil as we thought he may be allergic to cow's protein due to his eczema. After we did the allergy test and found no allergy, we switched him to Enfagrow. He has been on Enfagrow since he turned 1. I found this brand of milk to be the only one where the DHA is derived from veg cells instead of fish oil. RE is allergic to fish.

    As for JE, we put him on Isomil and then Enfalac and then proceed to Enfagrow. Prices for Enfa products have skyrocketed and we switched it to Anmum. Unlike RE, JE is not allergic to fish, so we have more flexibility in choosing the milk powder. I am now swithching him back to Enfa again as I don't like the Vanilla flavouring in Anmum and I find it to be oilier than Enfa due to the higher contents of palm oil (i suspect).

  17. shooi,
    Having to throw away when the kid won't drink is really stressful isn't it?

    Oh, you must share how you change brands successfully on your blog, or have you done so before? Dealing with allergies is hard. I know someone whose kid is allergic to so many things, its so tough for her. Fortunately he outgrew some of his allergies.

  18. Since I tandem-nurse, I don't really bother about formula as my older kid would get my milk back after a few months (during the pregnancy). I would let them have fresh milk.
    But we also mix with formula at the babysitter's, the Enfa series as I was influenced by some opinions saying that it is closest to the taste of breastmilk.
    Later, I helped a journalist friend wrote an article about a formula. She went to a formula plant in Amsterdam. Looking at the whole research involved, with the results and graphs showing that they almost came to the closest (in nutrition), I did get a bit influenced, maybe being a scientist myself. But I never bought it, since like I said my kid still breastfeeds and they also eat well, supplement is little.

    Ros aka mama23beas


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