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Monday, May 26, 2008

I can't believe she's 6!

My girl is 6. Recently we celebrated her birthday at the kindy for the first time. That is because she is attending the kindy for the first time this year. I had my worries about her adapting due to sending her this late but I needn't have. She is getting along just fine in kindy.

Anyway, we brought her to the cake shop to choose her cake. Thats how we do it for most of their birthdays. They will go along to the cakeshop and choose the design and the filling, usually chocolate with some chocolate rice sprinkled on the side. Hehe. We do this because mummy doesn't bake and the kids love to choose their own cake.

We had chosen a 2 kg cake but a few days later the cake shop rang up and said that the design we had chosen had to be a minimum of 3kg. Oh bother! We didn't have time to go back to the shop to choose another cake so we said ok while mummy took out her calculator and calculated the extra cost.

We had wanted a cake big enough to feed her whole class but now we got one big enough to feed the whole school said the teacher. Anyway her estimate may have been wrong because I saw that half the cake had disappeared by the time two classes were finished with it. The moment the cake was opened, all the kids pointed and said "Wow". That was priceless, so mummy kept her calculator.

The girl had been so excited about giving out her party packs. She had asked her teacher for a name list of all her classmates which she wrote out onto little stickers. We had a mixture of toys and snacks (no hard candy! I hate those) and she carefully chose the toys for each of her classmates before we tied them up prettily and stuck the name stickers on them.

After school we did exactly the same thing as we did for my boy's birthday. We went to a one of those indoor kidsports places, then went to eat pancakes and gave her a surprise present after her evening nap. She had thought that her present was the hula hoop which she chose herself at the toystore. She loves her hula hoop but she loves her surprise present even more.

I can't believe she is 6! I really can't. Time really flies.


  1. happy birthday to your girl!

    time really flies and w/o knowing, your children have become teenager! hehe.

  2. happy birthday to your girl!! Time flies eh...and she's a fine young lady :)

  3. Sounds like a great birthday your kid will always remember. Although a relative says he doesn't remember anything before he was twelve. They grow up so fast! Enjoy!

  4. She's 6 already, eh? Time really flies. Happy 6th Birthday, girl!

  5. happy 6th birthday to your girl,MG What's her name? And congrat too for your first 'party' at school. hehe.. I've never done it.

  6. Everyone,
    Thank you so much for your kind wishes and comments. :)

  7. Happy 6th birthday to your little girl.


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