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Friday, May 30, 2008

Last day of School Term Party

On the last day of the school term the kids had a party at the kindy. Parents were "encouraged to bring food". I don't know the "protocol" for such gatherings since this is the first year my girl is attending kindy. I was going to "buat tak tahu" (pretend I didn't know) since I'm not one of those clever mothers who can either 1) bake wonderful stuff or 2) have very good PR.

But then.......... she came home the day before the party and told me that ........ she had volunteered to bring hotdog for the party. Ooops! I believe that she was coerced into volunteering but how do you say "No" to a kid who pleads "Please mummy, please, I want to bring hotdog for my friends."

Daddy said, "Why don't you bring doughnuts so mummy won't have to get up in the morning to cook the hotdogs?"

"No, daddy I can't change my mind. I already said hotdogs." but daddy persuaded her otherwise and so we rushed out to buy doughnuts. We were too late though. All the other parents had rushed out to the doughnut shop and so there was none (just kidding). I thought of bringing fresh cut fruits but eventually we went to the supermarket and got the hotdogs for the girl and mummy had to get up early in the morning to boil the hotdogs.

The next day I saw many parents bringing food. Some came with packet drinks (I should have thought of that), a few came with doughnuts, many cakes, sweets and other junk foods. There was so much junk food, each of the kids were given a party pack of junk foods to take home.

The kids enjoyed the party very much. The little girls looked so sweet in their pretty party dresses.


  1. a&a'smom12:25 PM, May 30, 2008

    Talking abt party packs, my boys v not touch them but will sell them at school, LOL! I've brainwash them since small not to eat any junk food (what do to since Amma is such a healthnut!)

  2. i also went hunting for stuff to bring for jayden's party. Eh baru masuk class few weeks sudah ada party. Anyway we thought of packet drinks, packet biscuit, semua packet packet food. So lazy to cook. hahahah

  3. yea lah. i think the kids were usually coerced into taking certain items. But this year, ignore Kimberly's requets and brought only agar agar and quail eggs, sausage and zuchini on skewers cos thats what i have in my fridge

  4. Mg,
    Next time if you get your turn to bring food, try my easy healthy finger foods. Cut fresh fruit tiny (strawberry cut 1/2, melon, etc), dip them in melted cooking chocolate (easy to melt it, isn't?), keep them in fridge. You can put each of them in small colorful paper cup or just put 'tusuk gigi'in the middle. Minutes away...ready to eat! Kids love this food, I've tried.

  5. My boy's school asked for RM7 for Party instead of bringing food cause there were wastage of food after party according to the teachers. So I save my time...:) I thik kids really love party and the companion of their peers.

  6. a&a's mom,
    Haha. Brainwash in this manner is good wut.

    Semua also packet sounds very easy. Haha.

    "only agar agar and quail eggs, sausage and zuchini on skewers"

    *faints* You make me feels so guilty.

    Thats such a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing it.

    Yes, I was wondering why didn't they just ask for a RM5 contribution or something because there was so much of leftovers. Mostly cakes! But then this was supposed to be a voluntary thing. Asking for a small donation would be seen as compulsory and some parents may not like it but I don't see the difference. At the end of the day, this (bringing of food) requires more effort and time and probably more money and wastage.


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