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Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day

Since its coming to the end of the term, classes at my girl's kindy seems quite relaxed now. There is no homework. So she looks forward to doing "mummy's lessons" or doing crafts etc.

Yesterday we decided to make flowers and cards for the teachers. Its a lesson in itself. A lesson in giving. We made some or our crepe paper carnations, then wrapped them up in pretty transparent paper and tied it up with colourful ribbons. Then the girl wrote a Thank You note to the teachers on colourful papers which we folded into cards.

Teacher's Day is today but the kindy is only celebrating it next week so we kept the flowers and cards. However we decided to give her class teacher hers today.

My girl was so excited about it. She carefully packed the flowers and cards for her class teacher into her school bag and this morning she woke me up. "Mummy, mummy wake up. We don't want to be late for school today." :)

To all the teacher's who have dedicated their lives to teaching. Happy Teacher's Day. Yours is a noble profession.


  1. our Teacher's Day falls on 1 Sept :)

  2. alamak! I didnt realise today is teacher's day. I didnt get the teacher anything and also forgot to greet them too. :(

  3. ling,
    Another different date eh?

    Haha. Still not too late I think. Most of the school celebrate it next week I think, since its the last week of school and the holiday mood is there.

  4. a&a'smom3:56 PM, May 16, 2008

    I purchased 2 gift each for both my boys to take to sch. Also 2 more for their BM tuition teacher & Mandarin tutor. My maid reminded my boys to wish me also since Amma is the one who teaches them at home, LOL!

  5. Opps...I forgot today is Teacher's Day. It was in the message book. Din even contribute for the party day...bad mother!!

  6. a&a's mom,
    Thats sweet of your maid.

    Haha. Well, my daughter wouldn't let me forget. She kept on talking about it. She has her own calander where we record down all the important school dates and we look at it together every now and then. She loves it when we chit chat about those dates. Lol!

  7. MG, how sweet of you..
    Always good to the teacher. This is Monday, have you given the present?

  8. henny,
    Yes we did. Teacher was quite happy with it. She waited at the gate on that day to thank us. Thats sweet of her.


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