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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Describe your child in one word

If I had to describe my child in one word, it would be "inquisitive" for the girl and "affectionate" for the boy.

The girl seems to thirst for knowledge and asks questions non-stop. She would ask questions of anything and everything non-stop till she thinks she finally understands what it is that she wants to know. It can be rather tiring but it also means that she is a joy to teach. She loves to learn and is a fast learner, absorbing knowledge and information like a sponge. She has an almost photographic memory and remembers little details of pictures she sees long after she has seen it. It is quite amazing. She doesn't like dolls because she says "but you can't do anything with that". She likes things or toys that challenges her. She likes to read, write and draw.

As for the boy, he is very affectionate and loving. When I have a headache, he would come to rub my head. When my stomach feels upset, he would rub my tummy, look at me with concern and say "Its okay, mummy. Its okay." When I thank him for looking after me so well, he'd say "We take care of each other, mummy." He is generous with his kisses, hugs and "I love you"s. If he continues like this into adulthood, all the girls will swoon. Its no wonder that all his friends in kindy are mostly girls because he is such a little gentleman. lol. He loves cars. Especially small hand held ones that he can put in a row like in a traffic jam.

If there is only one word that you can use to describe your child, what word would that be?


  1. how very sweet of the little fella!

  2. ACTIVE ACTIVE ACTIVE....3 times! hahahaha...

  3. Aah, your simple question had made me think couple of minutes..
    My teenage girl :a very easy going person and enjoy life every minute. I think clock could stop in her mind.
    My preteen boy : a well organized person. Sometimes I think how could he do that in early age like this?
    The little boy : brave and never hesitate to do something. Sometimes I wonder did he think before to do that?

    Hahaha...sorry I can't describe each of them in just one word.

  4. My botak is very much like your little boy - never shy of his hugs, kisses and "I love yous"...but Damien is also affectionate, in his own little subtle ways... :)

  5. Contentedmom,
    Yes, he is a sweet lil. boy. Hehe.

    So you have to be active to keep up with him! lol.

    Simple, you just did. It would be "easygoing", "organized" and "brave" or "adventurous." :)

    Its fun to have affectionate boys around. So.... are they more affectionate than daddy? Hahaha.

  6. i hv more than a word to describe. how ah? :)

  7. Happy Mothers' Day to you.


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