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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How much homework does your child have at school?

So far the both the children's homework are manageable.

The boy is 5 and attending an English based kindy. Usually he comes home with 2 pages of writing (words or numbers), 1 or 2 pages of coloring, 1 or 2 pages of chinese character writing. (Usually he does not know the chinese word he is writing. He does not know how to pronounce the word nor does he know what it means. He only knows how to do copy writing ie write what is given, that is all but he's only 5 so I don't push him. For now, he can learn the basics and how to write simple chinese characters, he can learn the meaning of the words later on.)

The girl is 7 and attending Chinese Primary School. She usually comes home with 2-4 pages of chinese character writing and occassionally 1 or 2 pages of Maths. There is usually no English or Malay homework. She has ting seah or chinese spelling once a week, BM Ejaan twice a week now (previously it was once a week) and English spelling once a week (if the teacher turns up). So far from the begginning of the year till now, they have only spelled 8 words. That shows how often the English teacher turns up. English is given very low priority or importance at her school.

Some people mentioned that their children at chinese school has 7 subjects a day and about 3-4 pages of homework for each subject making it up to 30 pages of homework each day. Wow! Is that true? How much homework does your child have at school?

Meanwhile, here is an article that may interest you: Helping Your Child With Homework


  1. My girl, in chinese school, std 1, oso very minimal homework. Most of the time she can finish the homework in school. Homework she has are writing for chinese, english, BM science and Maths. Her english spelling is consistently every week. whereas chinese & BM spelling not so consistent. So far manageable.

    I have heard from other parents that they are changing the system. Starting with some classes, where they will emphasize more on reading and less on writing for std 1.

  2. At least they are still manageable! :)

    Thanks for sharing the article.

  3. Annie,
    They say Std 1 is honeymoon year wor.

    Yes, so far its ok. :)

  4. My Boy's attending a Montessori Kindy, he has never brought home any homework since the first day of school until last friday. Not much pages, only 3 pages all together :) but he told me he was tired of colouring when he just began with the first picture! i think i'll have trouble guiding his coming homework soon! :)

  5. My elder 1, who is in std 1 chinese school, also got minimal homework only. I actually thot that last yr, his kindie gave out more homework! But they say by std 3, it will be quite bad!!!

  6. here, I see my 8 and 7 grade kids have lots of homeworks, almost everyday. I don't know about grade 1 yet, should wait till July, but seems here has already different in most school for the 1st and 2nd grade, almost no homeworks. Yipeee...

  7. Leeyen,
    Brace yourself. Hahaha.

    Lil' Monsters Inc,
    Thats the exam year so all schools want to do well.... by giving out homework! Sigh.

    How lovely that is. Its so different here. They get daily homework starting from preschool.

  8. Hmmm...for my sons, they are going to be 4 years old next month, they got homework twice a week, consists of two pages of word, and two pages of numbers, it look a lot to me, i don't know other. :) That's why me sometime get stress. hahahhahahaha and i have to teach both of them at the same time. :( I can't imagine when they grow older and got more homework.

  9. Two at the same time gets worse when they distract each other but at the same time, it helps that they have company when doing homework together. :)

  10. Based on what I heard, I thought it was weird that Bea1 (std 1) does not really have homework. Occasionally only. Some she finishes at school. So now I know different school with different approach.
    Bea 2 (5 yo) attends English-based kindy. The principal stressed earlier that nobody (even the 6 yo)will be given homeworks. But she loves doing a lot of activities from books I bought at home. So I guess it is fine.

  11. mama23beas,
    I guess they take it easy for Std 1 which is a good thing.

    For my girl, previously she attended an English-based kindy at 6 years old and she had very very little homework if at all. However, the boy who is 5 and goes to the same kindy now has a lot more homework. I guess it depends on the teacher too.

  12. My just-turned 5 yo girl is in the aged 6 group kindy. She has tons of homework everyday - math, abacus, writing, science, moral, etc. They have Ejaan, Spelling and Ting Seah once a week. I find their syllabus really tough for pre-schoolers. What to do, most kindies are pressured to prepare the pre-schoolers for Primary 1.


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