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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Revising for the first school term examinations

I found the right button to push to help my girl revise for her upcoming first term exams.

If I tell her "Its time to do some revision" she would pull a long face and say she hates revision etc etc.

However, if I tell her to "Get your dictionary out. We'll have a challenge to see who finds the meaning of the words first", she'll go "Yippee!"

So thats what I do, to get her to revise her school work. Only,...... its....... painfully..... slow. Its extremely hard to help your child to revise their school work when you don't understand the language and you'll have to learn it yourself in order to help.

Its also extremely hard to explain to a young child, the concept of tests, studying for tests etc. When I first asked her to revise her school work, she'd ask me "Mummy, what is revision?" "Why do we have to revise?" "What is a test?"

It is also hard for me to know how well she is doing at school because although she comes home with mostly Bs and mostly correct answers in her school work, sometimes, when I ask her, she doesn't know. She says she got it correct because "Teacher gave the answers." This is especially so for her Bahasa Malaysia lessons. She seems ok in her written chinese though she can't understand what the teacher says some of the time, probably because the teacher speaks rather fast. At least thats a relief since every subject is in Chinese.

Apart from languages, she has to learn Science now as well. At least Science is more interesting since she can learn facts about the human body like in the image above.

So, hows your revision coming along, for those whose kids will be sitting for their first term examinations in May? Do you have any tips to share? How do you teach a young child how to study for a test?


  1. So you are like me too? Dont understand Mandarin but intend to put my son in chinese school . aiyoh. I wonder how I am going to cope next time.

  2. Hey, same same here. My son also tells me that the teacher wud write on the blackboard & they copy. So when I checked his books, all correct 1 & I thot he understands. Unfortunately I recently found out, this is not the case. Espe BM. He don't even know what 'sayur' means!!!! But now Std 1 only, still got time to help him...I hope.

  3. Hi, mumsgather! My girl sat for her first 'Penilaian Bulanan' few weeks ago and I managed to study her first sample of test papers(for 5 subjects)so that I am preparing now for her first semester exam in May. Now I'm more focusing on her BM subject coz its not really easy and they need to read 'petikan' and answer 5 questions and more and my girl did some 'real' careless mistakes for her BI paper. Well, what I do now...I let my girl to read more short paragraph for her Malay subject, do test paper type assessment book for English, Maths, Chinese and Science. We too do activities from the periodicals she buys from school. Well, hope u enjoy doing revisions with your girl!

  4. I didn't realise the importance of this. When I was in Std 1 I don't even remember how test etc. were like.

    My mum was a teacher though and to her everyday just do your work and make sure you understand, when it comes to test, it should not be a big deal.

  5. Things she need to know for the test
    1. tell her the time given
    2. she must know the format, what are the questions like and all divided into how many parts
    3. make sure she will write all the answer even though she doesn't know how to do
    4. practice with her the above
    This is to avoid her from getting panic

    How to do revision
    1. Make sure she knows all the chinese words or key word- by doing that make make flash card and practice with her so that she knows the important words
    2. Paste those words all over the house so that she will just get familiar with it
    3. Make sure she memorized those important facts in chinese
    4. If possible she need to know how to write those words that already had spelling before
    5.You need to start the revision 10 days before. Just cover those important one and they don't have much to cover anyway. So 10 days should be sufficient.

  6. Try purchasing some workbooks from the bookstores. I did that - at least it gave me an idea what sort of questions the teachers would be asking the students.

    And make sure that your child knows how to read the instructions and know what she should be doing. Don't know the meaning or pronunciation of the words? Try the following websites:

  7. Family First,
    Its tiring. Hahaha.

    Lil' Monsters Inc.
    Yah, and I thought that she was doing such a good job in school because she was always getting everything right. lol.

    Princess Geraldine's Mummy,
    She has to sit for BM (2 papers). Chinese (2 papers), English, Science in Chinese, Maths in Chinese, Moral, Pendidikan Jasmani, Art, Maths using Abacus, Computer and Music tests. Fortunately they do not have any Maths and Science papers in English during this term test. Its madness.

    You should make full use of your mum's wisdom. :)

    Thank you so much for your suggestions and the links. Yah I got those workbooks too but its hard to find time to do them. :P However, with 13 papers to sit for, 10 days seem insufficient. Still, I think she is quite prepared judging from her day to day school work. Preparing her on how to take the test is just icing on the cake, well, at least that is what I sincerely hope! Hahaha.

  8. My girl is very relax in her kebangsaan school. I also don't have the stress of sending her to chinese school. With regards to exam, I had her do workbooks. Last year for her final exam, I went through her previous exam papers with her to determine where she commonly make mistakes. I think that helped coz' after that she got 7th place in the whole standard. Anyway good luck.

  9. Lian,
    That is great Lian. In a Chinese, school I prefer not to have my girl be 7th or anywhere near the top as it would be too much pressure crazy tho this may sound. lol.


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