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Friday, April 17, 2009

Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award - Vote for me!

I'm amazed to have been nominated for the Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award. Yes, its simply amazing! I'm no supermummy, just a mummy. I'm no amazing blogger but I'm one amazed blogger right now for being nominated.

Yes, I'm an Amazed Mummy Blogger so I hope you all will vote for me. Hehe. Judging ends on Tuesday, 30th April 2009.

So what is this amazed mummy blogger up to right now?

As a mummy.......

Well, lets see, I just got the syllabus and schedule for my very first term exam for my first kid. Notice that I said my very first term exam, not her very first term exam because I feel like I am being tested. I was told to prepare her well because the kids go into streaming next year in Std 2 and this May exam results will be pro rated with the end of the year one to decide which class the kids go to. So this mummy is going to be very busy studying.... studying how to prepare her kid for her first test. When I look at the syllabus, I want to pengsan. Not only text books but activity books (2 or 3 for each subject). Fuiyoh! We really had it easy in our days.

As for the second boy, his 5th birthday is next week. Daddy has taken some time off. Yippee! But the poor boy has the sniffles and cough! I hope he will recover soon in time for his birthday which I haven't planned yet!

As a blogger.....

Well, I just blogged all the above down, didn't I? Thats what we crazy bloggers do. Blog blog blog about everything but we love it!

To vote for me, please click on the above banner or the one on my sidebar. Thank you for voting and have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Will definitely vote for you. I think you have done a great job as a mummy and maintaing blogs is no EASY job at all!!!

  2. Hey! I have clicked on it! Hooray!

  3. heii...congrat super mom to be!
    I have clicked it :)

  4. Ann,
    Thank you for your support and for reading my blog. :)

    Hooray! Hehe.

    Terima Kasih.

  5. I click for you liau....Congrats!!!


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