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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Angpow Lantern Crafts

It is amazing what a few or rather many packets of angpows and what a little creativity can do.

I was simply amazed by the beauty of these angpow decorations that my cousin put up in our ancestral home in our home town. Take a look.

Here is an angpow lantern surrounded by many little hanging angpow lanterns.

And here is a hanging angpow fish decoration.

I like these. These are angpow mandarin oranges. They look good enough to eat. Hehe.

And this. This angpow craft is quite small. It takes many many squares of little red packets and plenty of patience but the results are beautiful.

Finally, here is a diamond shaped angpow lantern surrounded by minature hanging angpow fish lanterns.

Too bad my visit was short. Otherwise I would learn to make all of them. These angpow crafts are so amazingly beautiful and creative.


  1. I did the angpow fish too, the 2nd Pic and it was showcased in TV3's KidsNews for their CNY and Valentine's footage :D

  2. Wow. That is wonderful. You are really creative. :)

  3. Those were the days, now we dont DIY anything like these, we buy straight frm shopping mall!

  4. Leeyen,
    Yes, everyone seems to have less time now. I wonder what happened?


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