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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Hoarder

My Little Girl is a hoarder, just like her mummy!

She doesn't like Barbie dolls. She loves stationaries compared to Barbie. Pretty little notebooks etc. However, she does not use them. She just wants to keep them to admire! Likewise, she loves stickers but she does not use them. She keeps them to take out once in a while to admire.

She keeps crafts that we make, angpow papers, brochures of things and places that interest her, postcards, a soft toy or two, her Hello Kitty collection, her notebooks and stickers, her origami, little pieces of notes she writes, little knick knacks and momentoes etc all on her bedside table. She is quite tidy in the sense that she keeps them all neatly stacked up but I can hardly see through the table. Once in a while, I have to either make her go through them herself or if I go through them, some will end up in the trash bin.

The boy is worse. He likes to keep things too (though not as much as the girl). However, he likes to keep his bedside table and drawer entirely neat and tidy. How does he do this? By putting everything on the floor or on MY shelves or stashing them under my chair!

I think they must have got this hoarding trait from me. Quite often I feel sentimental about throwing old stuff away. I still have their little booties,tiny shoes and baby clothes. The other day, I reluctantly put some in the recycle/charity bin as I was doing some Chinese New Year spring cleaning and boy... that was hard to do!


  1. i like ur boy! hahaha

  2. Annie,
    Yes, he does not like his table and drawers to be untidy. Hahaha.

  3. That's sure sounds like a big boy to me, gentlmanly he shall become.

  4. eugene,
    I call him my little gentleman because he is quite a gentleman. :)

  5. Your boy is definitely too cute! lol.. I'm not a hoarder. I throw away stuffs easily.. my hubs on the other hand.. even light bulbs he doesnt want to dispose off...

  6. Merryn,
    He claims that he does not like to have his drawers messy because he can't find his toys.... so he messes up the rest of the house instead. *rolls eyes*

  7. My kids just like to do everything on the floor. Then leave all the stuff on the floor too. I told them I will one day put their food on the floor too.
    By the way, are you related to my hamster? Hahaha. As long as kids don't hoard food. Imagine finding a moldy something somewhere.

  8. Lian,
    Well, in an unrelated to hoarding case, the girl did keep some food in her school desk once before and forgot all about it. One day, she found worms wiggling about in her desk and got a good scolding by the teacher who had to "help" her clean up. I don't think the teacher was very pleased about that! Hahaha.


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