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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sacarsm loses to Innocence

My Boy: Mummy, mummy play with me lah.

MG: Sorry, mummy is busy.

My Boy: Mummy, mummy play with me lah.

MG: No, cannot. Mummy is busy. Later mummy read book to you.

My Boy: Reading is not playing.

MG: Hah. Read to you also laugh already (Mumbles to self) Sacarsm

My Boy: No lah Mummy, I saw the book already. It is not a funny book. Innocence

MG: Hahaha. *Speechless*

The boy is slowly taking over from his sister as pesterer of the house. From the moment he wakes up till right before he goes to sleep, it is either "Mummy, play with me" or "Mummy, I want to play game."

1 comment:

  1. Yes lor.. my anak oso like dat.. but then.. he not as smart as ur boy with his innocence ;P


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