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Friday, February 05, 2010

A Case of Too Much Violence in Cartoons and TV?

My girl told me that the boy sitting behind her in class told her "I will poke your eye."

Once, he asked to have a look at her book. She reluctantly agreed after a while. After looking at the book he said to her "You want me to make you die ah."

Tell me, if your child tells you this, would you......

a. bring it up to the class teacher
b. ask your child to stop mixing so much with the kid in question
c. ignore it. dismiss it as "oh well, kids will be kids"

Which would you do?

I told my girl to inform teacher if he ever tries to physically disturb her. So, when he took his ruler and kacau her with it, she went to inform teacher and the teacher told her "just don't bother about him."

I asked my girl more questions about the boy. I asked her whether she is scared of him and she said she is not afraid of him. (She is more afraid of mummy and daddy scolding her if she plays with him too much and he is naughty to her.) She said, he is not naughty all the time. Sometimes, he plays nice or normal. She said he has told another girl classmate who sits in front of her... "Afterwards I cut off your head." and the other girl just laughed.

She said once her said "I will kill everybody in this school and then I will be the only great one left."

I can't help but feel a little bit worried. I told my husband who fetches my girl to school in the morning, to inform the teacher in a nice manner. Just tell her that it may be just the way some children talk but to just let her know so she can keep an eye.

However, hubby did not inform teacher after he saw the boy. According to hubby, he looks like a small sized timid looking boy. So he just smiled at the boy and told him and my girl to be friend friend with each other lah. Of course, hubby did not threaten the boy in any way. He just wanted to access the situation and from what he sees, at the moment, we do not need to inform the teacher. We don't want to be parents who scamper to complain to the teacher about every small thing. I don't think the teachers appreciate this. After all, they have about 40 in the class to worry about and so far the boy has not done anything physically harmful.

Later my girl told me, the boy had said to her "I will ask my father to kill your father."

Hmm... I have to monitor this situation closely to make sure that my girl is not being bullied or harmed physically.

I think sometimes the cartoons, video games and TV has a lot of violence, negative and undesirable elements. I mean where else would a little boy of 8 learn to talk like that? I think parents too, should keep a tabs on how their kids are talking. If your child is talking like that at home, don't think it is amusing or funny. Please nip it in the bud.


  1. I have more worry for the boy with the way his speech is. I am sure your daughter will be able to handle this with your couching, and hope the boy won't turn too violent with his words..

  2. Cynthia,
    You are right. It is worrying for they boy. I think if an adult speaks like that he is probably suffering from some inferiority complex or harbours lots of hatred within him. Hopefully, its just a phase for the boy.

  3. It is a worry isn't it when we hear such language coming out from the mouth of young children. I guess tv, video/computer games do play a role in promoting this type of language. As parents, it is important to monitor what the type of entertainment our children are exposed to. I know I am diligent when it comes to movies, that we make sure it's appropriate for our girls before watching the movie, not just relying on the movie ratings.

  4. If the boy is in US, he and his parents will be in big trouble already. The school & teachers take threats like this very seriously here. I agree with you, most likely he picks up these violent words from either TV or games. When I went back to Sg last June, I was surprise to know that most of the parents there do not make sure that the movies or even cartoons are appropriate for their kids before letting them watch. Many times, I find that even the cartoons are too violent for the kids to watch.

  5. wah liao!! i wanna give this boy a good caning man!!


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