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Monday, March 01, 2010

Curiousity about Marriage and Relationships

My Boy: Mummy, I want to ask you something about "Marry". Mummy, what if I marry a brown face? (he meant someone of a different race or skin colour)

MG: You can marry anyone you choose.

The next night....

My Boy: Mummy, I have two more questions about "Marry". What if I don't know how to go to the marry place?

MG: Well, you can use the map.

My Boy: What if I still don't know how to get there?

MG: Well, you can use the GPS then.

My Boy: I can choose who I want to marry? What if I don't know how to choose.

My Girl: Marry must kiss one ah?

Lol! I then had to go on a lengthy explanation about the different races and the different wedding or marriage ceremonies each race goes through. The boy found out that he can choose! The girl found out that while a kiss is not always present in all customs, exchange of rings is a must. She remembered that her parent's rings has names engraved behind them and wanted to know where she can find these types of special rings? "It has your names. How does the shop know?" She was afraid that at a wedding there will be someone there saying "You must kiss or else I will beat you!" lol.

Such sweet innocence. Sometimes in place of bedtime stories we have crazy chats like this. :)


  1. Such innocent questions. :)

  2. at least ur boy is 'willing' to get married when he grows! my boy always says that "when i'm a man i dont want to get married!" and worst is he wants to stay with us forever!

  3. They will sure laugh when they read this next time..

  4. Elaine,
    It can only come from a child.

    Hahaha. Good wut. Stay with you, he can look after you in old age. lol.

    Kids are all cute.

    That is why I blog it. :)


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