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Monday, March 08, 2010

What do you feed your child?

Someone asked me what I serve for Breakfast for my kids. That makes me feel a little bit guilty. Despite having a live-in helper at home, all I can manage for breakfast for the kids each day is a piece of toast and a glass of milk. That is it. They have the same breakfast everyday. The toast may vary from strawberry jam, peanut butter jam or garlic bread but that is it. They eat the same breakfast everyday unless I run out of bread and then we resort to a few pieces of biscuit or a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk. :P

I don't know how others do it. I look at the other mothers who do a lovely bento meal for their child with envy. I cannot manage to do it. As it is, we have to get up at 6am to get ready for school. The kids do not have a very good appetite so early in the morning so they don't complain about their piece of toast.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal and kids should eat a balanced diet so I do feel guilty about my piece of toast. :P

Breakfast during school holidays is better since we get to wake up late. We can have french toast or scrambled eggs with sausages or pancakes then apart from our usual toast.

My girl has a catered meal at school. They have a 15 minute break and often have to "fight" to queue to buy food with the older kids. By the time they have finished buying their food, breaktime is almost over. Having catered food, solves this problem for my slow eater. At the same time, it also ensures that she has a more balanced meal. Otherwise, she may buy nuggets and chips everyday!

The canteen operator serves them the same food on Mondays, Tuesdays etc. They have fried noodles one day, nasi lemak another day, the favoured nuggets and chips plus orange juice one day, a boiled egg with sausages one day and a fried rice on another day. That is five days in all. Five different menus repeated each week. On the days when she has the boiled egg, she brings it home for me to make egg sandwiches for tea which she prefers to eating straight. :) For drinks they have soya bean, chrysanthemum, barley etc. All of these food and drinks, she would not take if she were with me. This ensures that she learns to take all kinds of food and drinks.

For lunch, this lazy mummy, rotates, fish porridge, fried rice, noddles soup, spaghetti or fried meehoon and chicken porridge. It is usually a one-dish meal.

Dinner is more elaborate with soup, a meat dish, a vegetable dish and either tofu or eggs and fresh fruits for dessert, since the man is eating with us.

The kids like to have tea and supper too. That is usually biscuits and milo or milk.

That is it. That is all that I can manage. Even though I am a stay at home mum with a live in helper. That is all that I can manage. My sister can manage all sorts of local kuihs and delicacies, homemade breads and cakes, including noodles and laksa and nasi lemak etc for breakfast and tea for her family and lunch is as elaborate as dinner with several dishes and not a one dish meal like mine. She "trains" her maid to help her with it. I find that even "training" someone to do it requires effort so I don't. My meals are very simple and usually repeated to keep it even more simple.

What do you feed your kids?


  1. No need to worry, I'm just as guilty as you.It's difficult to prepare such a feast for daily meal.I'm not even preparing a toast for kids!They drinks their milo in the morning with or without cereal/biscuit, depending on their appetite of the day.Then lunch would be fried rice/noddle/kwee tiau you name it.Or when it's a good day in a sense of I'm having a good mood, I'll cook a simple soup with everything thrown inside..ahhahhahaa. Then, at night would be slighty better with a veggie dish and some fish/meat dish.That's all, hahahahah As long as the kids are healthy not easily get sick, that means our 'menu' is providing enough nutrition for them, uhhm well maybe that's my excuse.I do too repeating the menus.At least your daughter having a better meal in school,my kids school is selling all kinds of foods.From nugget,french fries,curry puff,fried beehun/rice,nuggets,so it would depend on what they would like to eat.And there's no guarantee they would be eating the right kind of food.Sometimes they tells me that they just buy the nugget to eat..Oh my ...

  2. Me for one, no helper at home. But I have to make sure that my kids eat breakfast as they only have milk break at 9am, and lunch at 11.30am. Only some kids who pay for breakfast, which is serve before 8.30am will get the breakfast snack. My kids reach school only at that time, so they take breakfast at home. What I do is I try to make a "breakfast" and bento list for the week, and it's faster and easier this way. Just simple breakfast like one day cereal, next day toast, then fry egg, then sausage then noodles and etc. Can't manage too complicated stuffs as we have to rush to work too.
    Honestly, I wish that I have a maid!

  3. Hi, I'm a working mum with 4 young kids. My kids are good "eater" even early in the morning, so breakfast normally are noodles, spaghetti, cereals. I normally cook extra dishes for dinner, put in the freezer & my maid will re-heat for the kids lunch nx day. My only problem is getting the kids to eat their veggies...sigh!!!

  4. Hi Anon 1,
    Both my kids look like the right size to me. Haha. So I am not worried about their size. However, they do fall sick quite frequently.

    Mine has breakfast at 6.30am, snack at 10.30am (which they both claim not to finish) and lunch at close to 2pm so if they have just the toast and skip their snack they have to survive on toast from 6.30am till 2pm. :P

    Anon 2,
    I get my kids to eat their veges by disguising it quite often by making it into fritters. They hate mushrooms and cauliflower but if I make fritters out of them, they ask for more. Or, I would put in brocolli and carrots into the chicken porridge and to coax them to eat the bland porridge I make them a side dish of keropok to eat with the porrridge. ;)

  5. I should be the one feeling guilty. After hearing mine, I'm sure you will feel better. My children take oats and milk every morning, sometimes with cereal and sometimes with a piece of bread. As for lunch and dinner, I have not been cooking for months and so they have outside food. I wish they could have simple home cooked food like yours but......

  6. I feed the kids the same way you do. Except I buy wholemeal bread, so I lessen my guilt of feeding them the same thing every morning for breakfast. :D

  7. D1 likes scrambled eggs for breakfast. Simple and fast, I can do that at 6:45am. Sometimes its just bread and butter. Or he combines both and makes an egg sandwich. The other 2 kiddos sometimes get kuih or roti canai - tapau when I go to the shops to buy vege. If there's cereal in the house, they'll eat that too. If really hungry, they'll cook instant noodles.

  8. Yo! I am so relieved to read this. I am NOT alone. *big grin* Fyi, I'm a SAHM with 2 kids n has a live-in helper too.
    My kids eat bread and/or biscuits for b/fast. Lunch is pretty much the same like urs, and they sometimes eat sandwich for lunch too (will they get bread overdose?). And ur dinner's definitely more elab than mine. We dun hv soup everyday. So sometimes it's jes 2 dishes -- vege n meat/fish, even tho the boss eats at home. Luckily I cannot be sacked. hahaha
    Now, now, come to think of it, I'm actually worse. Oh no! :p

  9. Jo-n,
    Sometimes you wish you have the time but you just don't, so you make do loh. I am sure the kids are not complaining and they look like beautiful kids so there is no worry. :)

    Haha. I should try that too.

    I think mine are still young enough to not complain about their toast. Once they are older, they may like a more varied breakfast like roti canai, kuih etc. :P

    I do the two dishes for dinner too and lessen the guilt by boiling a barley or whatever. Much easier to make then soup, just dump ingredients in. We don't have soup everyday as well, only once or twice a week. And yes, Sunday lunch is usually sandwiches for everyone. Hehe.

  10. Do you have a nonstick pan? Maybe a fried egg with bread like a sandwich....which they can also eat in the bus/car on their way to school?

    Can maybe teach your helper to do it?

    At any rate, it also depends on whether they are a morning eater and if they fancy eating stuff like that in the morning. Maybe they are A-OK with their lovely toast and cuppa milk!

  11. Ann,
    They are not morning eaters so fortunately for me, they are happy with their toast. :)


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