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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The other day, I was helping my girl in the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw my boy standing in the middle of the bedroom inspecting his finger with care. As soon as he saw me, tears welled up in his eyes and he started to cry.

"Mummmy sob, mummy I wanted to go and talk to you, sob, I hold the door, sob sob and then sob sob sob."

He showed me his finger which had been hurt, caught in between the hinge on the door. There was some blood but not a lot of damage but it was really funny how his curious look changed to tears the moment he saw me.

Just the other day, I saw a similar thing happen to another mum. She had come to pick her son from kindy. He was playing happily before she came. When she arrived, the teachers told her that he had fallen and knocked his head (there was a bruise on his forehead). As soon as the mummy asked him what was wrong, the dam burst and huge tears rolled down his face. It was so cute to watch. lol.

I remember the pediatrician had told us that if your child falls, don't rush to them and pick them up with concern written all over your face, that will cause the child to think that it is a big thing and scare them. Just treat it casually. Tell them, "it is ok, it is just a small thing, just pick yourself up and continue playing" etc.

So I try to do this but occassionally when they "manja" like that, I can't help but give them a huge hug and "sayang" them because everyone needs some pampering every now and then.

I did not wear a plaster for the boy thinking that it will heal faster that way however the next day, he accidentally bumped his finger and hurt it again so I put on a plaster for him after that.

I don't know why kids find it so fascinating to wear a plaster. He wore it proudly to school and told me "Mummy, I showed it to all my friends. I showed it to almost all the teachers too."


  1. All too soon, the 'manja' years will pass, and you'll miss it sorely, and feel the pangs of nostalgia!

    'Manja' is simply a poignant request for your love to heal a hurt. It swells up your motherly instincts in a wonderful way. Thus i feel it's a good thing to respond, except in circumstances where you feel it may stunt emotional growth and social independence.


  2. Hi MG..how are you? long time not visiting you.
    Enjoy the manja moment. It would gone soon, you couldn't believe how quickly the time flies!

  3. Talking bout plasters, my son will bug me till I put plaster on the smallest tiniest dot of blood!!

  4. aiyoh yoh.. manjanya... :D


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