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Friday, October 08, 2010

Divide and Conquer

Kids are really good at this strategy.

"Mummy, please don't tell daddy."

This term is often said when they have done something wrong and want to hide it from daddy because they know they will get a good scolding or beating from daddy if he learns about the wrong doing. It could work the other way around too as in "Daddy, please don't tell mummy." depending on the situation or simply depending on who is assumming the good guy/bad guy role in the family dynamics.

"Mummy, please can you tell daddy."

On the other hand, this other phrase is often used as a bargaining tool. Mummy is used as a bargaining tool to talk to daddy, when "communications" with daddy has failed. "Communications" usually means asking for something. As before, "daddy, please can you tell mummy" is equally common too.

In order to rise above this divide and conquer strategy by the kids, mummy and daddy has to put up a united front at all times, even when they do not agree. Shouting in front of the kids is a no-no.

We try to put up a united front in front of the kids but sometimes, communications fail too. ;)

1 comment:

  1. LOL... that's kids favourite quotes! My girl always warns me, " I will tell papa....., let him scold you" if I have done something worng to her!=_=


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