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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The easiest way to organise a kids birthday party

I am a lazy mum when it comes to organising party for my kids. So the poor kids do not have any birthday parties. Birthdays are always quiet celebrations, just us, a cake and some presents from mummy and daddy. I do not have the energy nor the inclination to organise elaborate themed parties and bake and cook stuff plus come up with party packs and games for attendees. Not to mention getting everyone to confirm attendance etc. Such hard work. Well, it is to me anyway. It will not be hardwork if you enjoy such things.

So, what is the easiest way to organise a kids birthday party? To me, the easiest way is to call a fast food operator and to do it at the kindergarten. All you need to come up with is $$$$. It is not that much more expensive as say a themed party at some special location.

A fast food party organiser will come with fast food naturally, party games, gift packs, birthday cakes and even a mascot. When you have it at the kindy, it is even better because your house does not get messed up and you don't have to clean up afterwards. :P

And so that was what we did for the boy's birthday this year. It was good and bad.

The first fast food operator that I called up did not have take-out parties for my area. The second one was worse. She never returned my calls or emails and sounded harsh and rude each time I called. Mind you, her name was listed on the website as a person to contact for outdoor parties. Hmm... Finally, a colleague of hers returned my call as a follow up.... 6 months after my party. 6 months!!!!

Eventually I settled for fast food operator number 3 which was excellent putting together everything in a jiffy over the phone. Unfortunately, they arrived an hour late for the party. 1 hour!!!! And the mascot was dirty and did not know what to do apart from walking around stiffly for just a few minutes. Nevertheless they did come up with some games and were generous with the prizes but it was a bit rushed (since they were an hour late!) and the games were over before we knew it.

Oh well, despite everything, the boy was very happy to have his birthday celebrated with his friends in school and to be surprised by the mascot and to eat fast food and get lots of gifts from the organiser. No gifts from his friends though since it is held at the school and a surprise party.

So, I guess there are pros and cons in organising a party this way. What to do, if you are a lazy mum like me who does not like organising parties then this will have to do. At least the kids are happy. Even his sister got to ponteng (skip) school to attend the surprise party. So everyone was happy in the end. As long as they are happy..... mummy need not feel guilty about not putting in much effort for their birthdays. :P


  1. i will be blogging about philip's first bday bash soon. i m like u in a way. just outsource. with moolah..anything can happen.

  2. i am one lazy mom. i never organize any birthday parties but we often go to others...hahahhaahhahaha. it's usually just a lunch/dinner gathering with the family.

  3. What's most important is the memory and moment you share with the kids during their birthday!^-^

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Organize a birthday party is really hard-work.You provide such a good information about easiest way to organize a good party. Thank you.

    kids birthdays


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