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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Enjoy your kids when they are young

I bought new shoes. I opened the box to show my girl my new shoes. She takes a curious but not that interested look at it then looks at me and says "Not very nice" then goes on and does something else.

I left the box with the new shoes on the floor in the room. The boy comes along and opens the box. "Mummy, you bought new shoes." he said excitedly. Then he goes on to open the box. "I like the colours." he exclaimed. And then he proceeds to put them on his feet. Haha. And then he insists that I try them on.

Opposite gender reactions? Nyah. I think its just the fact that he is younger and therefore more excited about new things. So, enjoy your kids when they are young. The window of opportunity is quite small. Very soon they will grow up and be interested in other things and you are no longer their all, their world, their everything, as they grow up and away from you. Their world no longer revolves around you so if you don't enjoy them when they are young, you will have missed that time forever.


  1. I am speechless, i just love he title of this post,lest no words spoken, it just says it all..

    good good good

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  3. So true... this makes me appreciate all the diaper changing sessions, all the nagging and what not throes of motherhood.... coz before I know it, my girls will be all grown up and I will be one lonesome woman!

  4. Character? My colleague's kids are different. Her daughter who is younger is not interested but her son is more interested in the stuff she buys.

  5. LOL... you girl is so'direct' kar, or perhaps she has very unique taste?;) Your boy is definitely very good at buying your heart! A potetial successful business man!

    My girl was once told me, her clothes has shrunk and when I'm not around, she will like to wear my clothes instead!=_=


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