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Thursday, October 28, 2010

His First Test

The boy is having is first real test or school examination. He is in the six year old class in kindy. I have heard of kids in 4 year old classes having tests with a full exam schedule with several subjects. I shudder at the thought. There will be plenty of exams in the years ahead. I think they can wait till then. Why start them so young? To prepare them for what is to come? Hmm.... There will be plenty of time to prepare. We will start next year in Std One of Primary School, thank you very much.

Yesterday he had to stay back in school to finish his Mandarin test. "He is struggling to finish off his Mandarin paper" the teacher said. :P

When I asked him about it, he said the Malay paper is easy, "I think I can get 100 marks". I think I can also get 100 marks for English, Science, Maths and Moral." lol. We shall see. He is not so sure about Mandarin Chinese though. Haha. And he is going to enter Chinese School in a few months time. I guess that is one subject we need brushing up. He thinks Science, Maths and Moral are easy because they are in English now. Next year he will have to do them in Chinese. Yup. We definitely need to brush up on the Chinese.

Good luck baby. You are growing up fast.


  1. Moral and Science also included? My boy's school does not have this two subject in the exam.

    Today is his last day of written exam, tomorrow will be oral/reading. This morning he already reminded me to do Chinese reading revision with him, but he never mention about English and Malay.

  2. I never liked the idea of homeworks and exams when Brendan was in kindy, but now that he's in std 1, it finally opened my eyes that it has taught him to be independent and discipline in his schoolwork and exam preparation. In fact, it's a good way of instilling expectations of what our (sigh) govt schools demand.


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