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Monday, January 24, 2011

Crafts - Their own creations

In December, I wrote a post on how kids are naturally creative and mentioned that I will post up pictures. Well, here they are. I finally found time to post them up. :)

The kids have been doing so many crafts since the time when they were young that they can now make their own crafts with no instructions. During the school holidays, they asked for paper, glue, scissors and colour pencils and this is what they came up with. A ribbon shaped hanging mobile, an origami rocket and a 3-D picture.

Here is the ribbon shaped hanging mobile. How she did it. First she asked me how I cut the chain paper dolls. Next, she drew and cut out the chain ribbons, then coloured it and asked me to sew it for her to hang up.

This is the origami rocket. The boy cut and folded some rough paper into a rocket of his own creation. I must say it does look like a rocket. They used recycled paper with words on one side and blank on the other. Then the girl coloured it.

It even has a folded part that "pops" out.

Here is one side of the pop out.

And here is the other side.

All rockets must have a logo, I suppose, so they included one. lol.

Finally the boy folded a few origami rockets (again using recycled paper) and pasted them onto another recycled paper and called it his 3-D picture.

10,9,8,7...........Blast off!

Kids are naturally creative. If you can't afford art class, just give them supplies and they will be able to create to their heart's content.


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