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Thursday, January 13, 2011

No More Naps

This year the girl has to attend after school activities. It wasn't compulsory before but it is now. Since she has to stay back we decided to let the boy stay back on one of the days too, to match her timing. This means no more afternoon naps for the both of them.

During the first week of school we had to wake up at 5.30am everyday. On this 2nd week, it is 5.50am. With no afternoon naps and a full day of school, they both look really tired by evening with bags under their eyes and red eyes.

So our new schedule now is to have lights off at 8.30pm every day. We have dinner around 7pm till 8pm. That means right after dinner they have to start getting ready for bed. Sometimes if daddy comes home late from work, he has just enough time to have a short chat with them about school before saying goodnight to them.

I am glad I am home. Otherwise, I will have to do the same as daddy that is have time to say a few words before saying goodnight. That would mean missing a big chunk of their day.

As for me, I used to be a night owl who loves to sleep after 12am. 2am, 3am etc is no problem to me and I love to snooze in the morning. Now that I have to get up before 6am, by 9pm I am zonked out together with the kids as well giving me just enough time to exchange a few words with daddy about our day. I am glad we have email and sms. Otherwise we won't have enough time to chat.

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  1. same here. I never been such good girl sleep early wake up early but now forced to. :(

    I could only chat with hubby thru phone ler. He back We sleep already. We going out he is not wake up yet. hai...

  2. looks like all mothers with young schoolgoing kids are going thru the same thing....I'm up by 5.30am and we'll be on the go non-stop till my girl's bedtime at 9pm and I'm asleep usually by 10pm or latest 11pm so far these two weeks.

  3. msaufong,
    Haha. When my kids were younger, hubby used to complain that whenever he sees us, we're sleeping, same as you, still sleeping before he goes out, getting ready to sleep when he returns. But now he fetches the kids to school, so he can have his quality time with them in the car. lol.

    on the go non-stop is the word. ;)

  4. Same here..I try not to arrange any activities in school so far....because Tuesday my girls hv ballet class and Friday abacus and drawing class. Try to let hv short nap specially my youngest std 1 girl. BUZZZZZZZ life for all mother.Tired....


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