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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crazy Afternoon Routines

On the days my children have to stay back in school in the afternoon, they have to dash about like mad.

First, right after school dismiss, the kids have 25 minutes for lunch before heading on to whatever activity or extra lessons they have. It takes about 5 minutes for my girl to come down from her classroom to the canteen. She may take another 5 minutes to queue for the toilet, another 5 minutes to drag her heavy bag to the next classroom. She may need another 5 minutes to change into another uniform or t-shirt for sports or a uniform body activity. That leaves 5 minutes to gobble down lunch. No time for slow eaters here.

Sometimes she has two activities requiring two different sets of uniforms, one hour for each activity and she may need to dash from one activity to another in different parts of the school, dragging her heavy schoolbag with her.

By the time she gets home it is 4.30pm. Time for a rest? No. She has to be rushed to have a bath then it is time to do the homework for the day. All the time, I would be nearby to remind the kids to hurry otherwise they will never be able to finish their work on time to have an early night before the next day's rush begins. And so it is like this from 4.30pm till 7.00pm.

Then its rush to eat dinner, rush to get ready for bed and rush to sleep. That is our crazy afternoon routine these days. We do this 3 days in a week. The other 2, we rush too, so that the kids can have half hour or one hour of physical activity like skipping, playing the badminton etc to sweat it out.


  1. I can feel the tension already. This week alone on every evening, It takes 3 hours for my boy to finish his homework. It's madness, man! The 1st exam is 2 wks away after the CNY holidays and the teachers are rushing to cover all topics. He sometimes comes home with 5-8 pages homework and that's only for 1 subject! *sweat*

  2. 5-8 pages only for 1 subject. That is a lot. My girl has less, probably 8 pages for all the subjects but then its plus minus, somedays just 2-3 pages, somedays more. The other day, she had to do 40 questions from a BM question paper from one of those pra-UPSR workbook. Fortunately it was the weekend. It spoiled the weekend for us though.

  3. My girls are having their first monthly exam today, thursday and friday.....we have to do CNY shopping on Saturday and rush back to Penang fr Sabah on Sunday....really spoilt the mood lo

  4. I can so empathise with you. I feel and experience myself what you're going through. Rush, rush, rush and I keep telling my kid 'hurry up' and yelling like a mad woman 'faster, faster'...aiyo, very stressful lah. And my kid is the dilly dally slow moving type.

  5. Nat,
    They have a monthly exam?

    Mine is the dilly dally slow moving type too. Fortunately the boy who is younger is more independant and faster. Everyday I have to rush the girl and ask her to hurry up sometimes I don't have time to listen to her beat around the bush because my worry is if things don't get done, they won't be able to get the zzzz that they need. Now I don't even have time to chat or listen to them and my girl says "Mummy, you're always like that." :(

  6. Gosh....that indeed sounds tiring. And I can imagine I will be losing my temper asking my kid to hurry up! If don't have so much activity also cannot huh. Pity the kids now a days.

    But as always....they will survive. :) Mummy will survive too ya!


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