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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keeping a Diary

My little boy has taken to keeping a diary. I found his diary in his bag yesterday while I was helping him pack his back. Usually he packs his own school bag but yesterday I packed it for him because his hands are full of rashes and it was bothering him, itchy and painful.

When I was packing, I took the opportunity to look around the bag. Boy! It was messy! He does not keep books nicely in his bag. He stuffs them in. His timetable was all torn. He had been asking me to make him a new one but I keep putting it off.

I had a look at his ejaan book and saw that he received 3 out of 8 for the previous ejaan. Hmm… I must look at this more often. I don’t even know when he has ejaan so I had not been helping him.

Anyway, I had a look at his ‘diary’, a little notebook. He had written on two pages. On one page he wrote ‘Happy Days’ and drew two smileys around the words. On another page was ‘Sad Days’ with two sad faces next to the words.

Then he listed down all his happy and sad days. He listed the dates down. I saw that almost the whole week was a happy day and there was only one day listed as ‘Sad Day’. That was 11.8.2011. When I asked him why 11th August was a Sad Day, he said he could not remember. lol. I had a good laugh.

I finally made him a new timetable. He was so happy with it. The next day, he told me “Mummy! I forgot to show my friends my new timetable. It is so brand new. It is so lovely.” And all I did was write it down on a blue cardboard paper. I should have done it much earlier for him. It only takes such a small thing to make him happy. No wonder the entries to his little ’diary’ were mostly ‘Happy Days’. Laughing out loud


  1. May be should ask him to write more about why happy and why sad. Just a point will do.

  2. That is a great idea Sheoh Yan. Thanks. :)

  3. Eh, diaries are meant to be private...this mummy curi tengok pulak! I'd do the same too, heh heh...even until they are old.
    Glad to know he's mostly Happy Days - a reward for you as his mama.

  4. LOL at Germaine. You would do the same also mar. I definitely would too. lol. He is really a very nice boy MG.

  5. mom2kiddos,
    Well, today, he marked as an unhappy day.... because his sister received two angry bird keychain rings and didn't want to share with him. When I asked him to write down the reason for his unhappiness, he said "No Space" because it was just a little notebook. ;)

    He is mommy's boy. :P


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