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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sibling Fights

Sibling Fights include fights over what movie to watch on our Family Movie Night.

"I want to watch Harry Potter 2"

"No, I want to watch Silver Surfer."

At times the fights may be so bad that you will wonder if you are going to need an online social work degree to solve their problems. Who knows. It can be quite a journey being a parent. How does one end this sibling fight? Mummy steps in and says...

"I'll decide what to watch or we won't watch anything!"

Now, if I were to really have my say, we'd probably be watching Moulin Rouge or some other soppy love or romance movie which mummy never ever gets to watch. Usually it is either some cartoon that the kids want to watch or some action movie that the man wants to watch. Mummy never gets to watch any of her type of movies, ever! So, how do you raise kids without losing yourself?


  1. Recently I see myself always giving in, and I tend to compromise. I will give in to P's request and will tell him I will fulfill my request after he gets his.

    Example: U watch your TV now until xxx and I will watch mine afterwards. Fair and square

  2. same here but i'm not that into tv so its ok. :) when the kids got into these kinda arguments, i'll mostly say 'no one get to watch anything'. then i'll have some peace and quiet. :)

  3. Fighting for TV do happening in my house, but not frequent. As my younger is very cincai type, only my elder is more demanding. So, my younger is so used to give in to her jie jie's choice.

  4. LittleLamb,
    These days, we watch old time favorite of ours like Indiana Jones etc so that we get to enjoy the show along with the kids. Heheh.

    They hardly ever watch tv and we have no Astro but we watch movies once a week on our designated movie night. Even then, they have to argue!

    I should learn a thing or two from you two. :)

    Sheoh Yan,
    Same in my house. The younger one always gives in to the older one because he is more cincai.


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