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Friday, January 18, 2013

Year Of The Snake Coloring Pages

Chinese New Year is coming soon. This year, 2013 heralds the Year of The Snake in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Though snake are often depicted as slippery, sneaky, slimy creatures in cartoons and such and little children may be afraid of them, now is the time to teach them a little about snakes in a fun way. Get them coloring in these cute Year of the Snake Coloring pages with snakes that are too cute to scare. Here are a few of my favorites.

Year Of The Snake Coloring PagesMy top favorite Year of the Snake coloring pages come from Childbook.com which has a whole page on Chinese New Year Coloring Pages And Graphics.

I love love love all the Chinese New Year coloring pages here. If your child loves coloring do check out this page for the lovely Chinese New Year coloring pages including the snake zodiac coloring page.

There are plenty of other Chinese New Year graphics to color here. Do check it out. It is really nice.

Year Of The Snake Coloring Pages
Next on my favorite list of Year of the Snake coloring pages is the Chinese Zodiac Coloring Page from OnColoring.com.

You can get your child to color his own zodiac animal sign plus the Year of the Snake page. This will be a fun activity for siblings to do.

Don't know what is your child's Chinese Zodiac sign? It's easy, you can check it out using this Chinese Astrology Animal Sign checker.

Year Of The Snake Coloring Pages
My third favorite Year of the Snake Coloring Page is from Activity Village.

What I like about the snake coloring page here is they actually have the words "Year of the Snake" on the coloring page itself. This makes it an excellent Chinese New Year coloring activity for a child.

Year Of The Snake Coloring Pages
Finally, I like this Snake Coloring Page from Coloring-Pictures.net.

There is only one snake to color on this page but I like the Snake's Chinese New Year Outfit.

Get your child to color the Snake's Chinese style clothing in bright red and gold and use it to decorate your home with this Chinese New Year.

Then it can serve a dual purpose. It is a craft or activity plus a Chinese New Year Decoration. Make several of these and paste them in the play room for a fun Year of the Snake decor.

There are plenty more Snake Coloring pages but I am only featuring these few because I like them the best. I think the snakes look adorable and they are suitable as a Chinese New Year activity compared to some of the other more scary or boring looking snakes for kids to color. These snakes are not scary. They're just cute and kids will enjoy coloring them.

Have fun and Happy Year Of The Snake 2013.


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    1. I'm glad you like it. It took me some time to hunt for these pages to highlight.


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