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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 Ice Cream Stick Monkey Craft For Kids

Here's a very easy craft idea for young kids for this year Chinese New Year 2016 which is the Year of the Monkey.

The pictures for this popsicle stick monkey craft is self-explanatory but we will explain it briefly to give you an even better idea.

Here's what you need for your ice-cream stick monkey

  1. One (1) popsicle stick or ice-cream stick
  2. Coloured construction paper
  3. Googly Eyes (Optional)
  4. Glue
  5. Sharpies or Marker Pens for drawing

Instructions on How To Make Your Ice-Cream Stick Monkey

  1. Cut out the shapes as shown above for your monkey's ears and face.
  2. Remember to use a different coloured circle for the main face shape
  3. Paste the big round circle over the two little circle that make up the monkey ears
  4. Paste the nose and face shape over the main round shape
  5. Draw in or decorate your monkey's face
  6. Paste googly eyes on draw as shown
  7. Draw an upside down arrow for the nose and lips
  8. Draw two red lines as shown for a blushing monkey
  9. Finally paste the face over the ice-cream stick
That's it! Happy Chinese New Year 2016. We hope you like this Year of the Monkey 2016 Craft Idea for kids.

This craft idea was contributed by Little Oxford Daycare and Tuition Centre. Kids are the daycare have guided activities like this Popsicle Stick Monkey during quiet times at the centre.

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