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Friday, January 08, 2016

Free Science Experiment Trial Classes At Gakken Classroom Kelana Jaya

Some of you may remember a post we did in early December 2015 called the Detective Science Camp for Kids by Gakken Classroom Kelana Jaya.

Today, we want to tell you about the one month free trial classes for the science experiment classes currently being offered by Gakken Classroom. The free trial class suitable for kids from 4 to 12, is absolutely free with no terms and conditions and no hidden costs. No registration fee is required. Once you sign up online, you can redeem 4 classes worth RM160When you fill in the online registration form, you can select your preferred time slot as shown below.

Free Trial Classes Time Slots

Thursday 3.30 - 4.30 pm
Thursday 6 - 7 pm
Friday 4 - 5 pm
Saturday 11.30 am - 12.30 pm
Saturday 1 - 2 pm
Saturday 4 - 5 pm
* Limited to 30 pax only
** Promotion ends 31 Jan 2016 29 Feb 2016

What You Are Signing Up For

Free One (1) month Science Experiment Classes worth RM160 conducted by Gakken Classroom Kelana Jaya. Here's where you can get more information on the 1 month free Science Experiment Trial Class or you can head on over here to Redeem Now.

About The Science Experiment Classes

The Science syllabus taught at Gakken Classroom Kelana Jaya covers a total of 36 themes and consists of more than 360 experiments. 1 theme or 10 experiments per month is taught by qualified instructors trained by their Japanese principal. Using Japanese syllabus, material, teaching methodology and exclusive Science kits brought in from Japan, the children are taught Science in an entertaining way. The emphasis is very much on experiential learning.

During lessons, kids are taught to
  1. Observe during guided group experiments
  2. Explore by doing individual experiments 
  3. Reflect on their newly gained knowledge by writing reports
To top it off, they also get to take home and keep their individual Science Experiment kits. The hands-on activities help kids to understand Science concepts easily while the report writing aids in and reinforces retention of knowledge.

Part of the 36 Science Experiment Themes are shown here
About Gakken Classroom Kelana Jaya

Gakken has a 70-year history in the field of education and is a leading provider of educational toys and books, teaching materials and stationery in Japan. Gakken Classroom was established in 1984 to fulfill its vision of promoting life-long learning. Currently Gakken Classroom is available in 17 countries including Malaysia. In Japan alone, there are a total of 15,000 Gakken Classrooms.

This post was brought to you by Gakken Classrooms Kelana Jaya.



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