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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Registration For Primary School In Malaysia FAQ

We are getting more and more anxious parents asking the same questions over and over again on our Facebook group wall! This usually happens every February because registration typically starts on 1st March annually.

Here is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions by the parents in our group for registration for primary school in Malaysia. Please note that this is not an official FAQ. These are questions asked by parents and answered by parents who have been through the process. 


Q: When can I register my child for standard one?
A: Currently the time frame is as follows:
Children born between 2/1/2010-1/1/2011 (For 2017 Intake)
Children born between 2/1/2011-1/1/2012 (For 2018 Intake)
Children born between 2/1/2012-1/1/2013 (For 2019 Intake)
Children born between 2/1/2013-1/1/2014 (For 2020 Intake)
and so on...

Q: Where is the link for online registration of schools in Selangor?
A:  In 2016, there is a new online portal for registration for primary schools in Selangor and Putrajaya. Here is the link https://public.moe.gov.my/

Q: Can you recommend a school near my house?
A: Here are some lists of schools which you can find online. They give you a good idea of schools in your area. You can click on the links (if any) to check out the school's website to give you an even better idea.


List of SJKC in Malaysia
http://www.weekasiong.com.my/school/selangor.html (This is the link for Selangor schools. Click on this link and browse the site to get list of schools for other states like Penang, Melaka, Johor etc.)

Q: What are the documents required for registration of primary school?
A: You can read our previous post on the documents required or join our facebook group - The Malaysia Primary and Secondary School Parents on Facebook. We have a photo album of notices received from various schools which will give you a very good idea of the documents required. Most schools will have forms printed on the documents required. You can get these forms at the guard house or school office. Some will have them posted on the school's Facebook page and banners may be put out outside the school compound or near the school gate or entrance to inform parents.

Q: For online registration of schools in Selangor, do I have to go to the school to submit my documents?
A: Yes, you have to do online registration FIRST for Selangor and Putrajaya, then print out your registration and bring along with required documents to the school of your choice for verification.

Q: Can I do online registration in Selangor AND walk-in registration for another school in KL?
A: No, you cannot. When you have completed your online registration in Selangor, you must go to the same school to verify your registration. You cannot register for another school in KL.

Q: How many school choices can we put in when registering?
A: In Selangor based on previous years online portal, only 1 choice. In WP KL, 3 choices. (Updated on 1 March 2018: Online Registration is now nationwide accept Sabah, Sarawak and W.P. Labuan. So in WP KL, it is also 1 choice only)

Q: Must I register at ALL the 3 schools I put as choices in WP KL?
No, only your first choice. When you register, the school will stamp behind your child's birth certificate. Be sure to bring the original along. This is one of the documents required during registration.
Q: When can I know the results of my application?
A: In August

Q: What happens if I don't get the school of my choice?
A: You make an appeal in September. You need to go to the school allocated with your letter and birth certificate. Ask for the appeal form to fill and the school will submit on your behalf. The results will usually be announced by November or December.

Q: What size envelope and how much stamp do I have to submit to the school? 
A: During registration you may be required to submit a white envelope and stamps. Different schools have different requirements. Some require 70sen stamp. Some 80sen. Some require white envelopes of a certain size. Some require window envelopes. However, they all have the same objective. They are for the school to inform you on the results of your school application. So, you don't have to worry too much about getting the size just right. Just make sure you find out what is required from the school of your choice and make sure you have them ready so you can save on a trip.

Q: What if the utility bill is not in my name?
A: If for example, you are staying at  your parent's or in law's house, your I/C address must be the same as that shown on the utility bill as prove that you are staying at the same address. If you are renting, you need to show your rental agreement. If you are purchasing, you need to show your S&P agreement.

Q: If my niece or nephew is studying at the same school, is it easier to get in?
A: No, but it may be easier if you have an older child at the school in which case you need to show the older child or sibling's birth certificate during registration.

Q: I stay in Selangor, can I register for a school in KL or vice versa?
A: Depending on your location, you may be able to get in. However, preference will be given to those living within the state.

Q: Can I put KL as my first choice, Selangor as my second choice or vice versa?
A: No, your choices need to be in the same state, no cross states.

Q: My child's birth certificate is laminated. What do I do as I  understand the school will stamp behind the certificate.
A: The school will paste a white sticker over it and stamp on the sticker.

Please note that this is not an official FAQ. These are questions asked by parents and answered by parents who have been through the process. 

There are many more FAQs and we are unable to include all of them here. Do join our Facebook group to search for the questions and view the answers or ask your own questions. We have many helpful parents who will be happy to help answer your question. We will also update this page with any new helpful FAQs as they arise in our group.

Good luck parents! We hope that you get the school of your choice!

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  1. Hi,
    I'm a little confused with the registration for WP KL schools. You mentioned that "In WP KL, 3 choices" but we can only register at the first choice as they will stamp on the child's birth cert? Then what about choice no. 2 and 3?

    1. Hi Michelle, When you register at the school of your choice (we'll call that first choice), you will be given a form to fill. In the form, you can state your second and third choice. You do not have to go to the 2nd and 3rd choice schools to register.

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    1. Hello Jeno. I've replied to your question in our Facebook group and tagged you there.

  4. Hi. my son in born 2010. i registered A school last year. but this year i want to change to B school near by house. do you know what do i need to do??

    1. Hi, you can ask this question on our Facebook group. Perhaps other parents who have been through this process will be able to help you. However, the best thing is to check with moe.


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