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Monday, June 06, 2016

Ramadhan Art For Kids

Today marks the start of the Ramadhan month for muslims. For those who love art and crafts, it is also a good time to get your kids to do some Ramadhan inspired art. Here is one very easy one for both adults and kids alike. It is based on zentangle art principles.

Zentangle is simply drawing structured repetitive patterns, lines, circles, squares, triangles. You draw the lines onto squares little by little and the end result is always beautiful.

For older kids and adults, you can start off by drawing the outline of a mosque.  Zentangle uses squares but we're going to use the outline of an object to create our Ramadhan art. Fill the mosque with zentangle patterns and you get beautiful art. Below is an example of one we did in 15 minutes.

For younger kids, you can get them to draw a prayer mat and fill it with patterns. Other simple basic outline drawing which adults can draw for kids to colour include oil lamps, star and crescent moon, or letters of the alphabet spelling out Ramadhan etc.

Usually only one colour is used but go ahead and make it colourful if you like. At the end of our images, we share a YouTube video on some simple zentangle patterns for kids which you can use for your  Ramadhan Art For Kids.

Selamat Berpuasa to our muslim members.


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