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Friday, June 24, 2016

Trusting Our Children To Do The Right Thing

Recently my son came home with a couple of seeds and told me that he was going to give them to his teacher for Teacher's Day.

Bad mummy's reaction was:

"What?! Where did you get that? From the school field?! You can't give teacher that! It's dirty. What will she do with it? She will just throw it away."

In the back of my mind I was thinking of all the lovely teacher's day gifts that mums had lovingly prepared. I hadn't prepared any.

The 12 year old replied:

"Come on, mum. I know what I'm doing. Besides teacher said not to give her anything that costs money."

So bad mummy decided to trust him and said, "Ok, I trust you. Go ahead and give if you like."

A few weeks later when the spouse met the teacher, she told him about the seeds. Your son told me they are "Seeds of Hope". I don't know what else my son told the teacher but she had touched his heart. She told my spouse that she had gone home and told her husband about it and she took a picture of the seeds and shared it with her friends saying "Look, I have this student who......." 

She was just teaching him for 3 months. On her last day, she printed out the picture of the seeds and her sharing which was a page long, read it aloud in class to all the other students and gave it to him to keep.

When I sent her a message to thank her for the time she spent teaching  him, she replied "He is the perfect child in my heart." 

I am glad I chose to trust him instead of insisting he threw the seeds away.


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