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Monday, April 25, 2005

Mummy, don't be scared.

The sky was dark. The winds howled. Toddler ran to the window, lifted the curtains to watch and ran back to MG.

Toddler: Mummy! Got flashing lights!

MG: Thats called lightning sweetie. It means its going to rain soon.

The loud sound of the thunder filled the air. Toddler ran to MG and patted MG on the chest.

Toddler: Mummy. Don't be scared.

MG: Thats the sound of thunder you hear. It means theres going to be heavy rain soon.

As if on cue, it rained furiously and the sky became darker still.

Toddler than bent down and kissed MG on the head.

Toddler: Mummy. Don't be scared.

Hehe. I wonder who she is consoling?


  1. Hehehe!! that's too cute.. MG.. ;)

  2. so sweet of toddler, probably feels like a big girl now, comforting mommy!

  3. Hehe! She's trying to comfort u to hide toddler's own fear. :P Smart fella!

  4. So sweet moments. Good that you captured it on the blog. I am sure she is going to enjoy reading this one day.

  5. Toddler seem to be very smart now ahh...hehe..and very sweet oso..

  6. Hi Everyone, Very sweet hor buden, this sweetness can turn into monstor in the next second disagreeing with everything under the sun and whining and crying! (Very temperamental, like mother like daughter the daddy would say. Haha)

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Hahahahahah! What an utterly entertaining little kid! :)

    p/s - sorry, the above post was me. :P

  9. i like girls so much cause usually the girl will pamper mommy :P

  10. 1+2mom, ya girls are more manja.

    James, time to try for a sister for Jesse? :D


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