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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Baby woke up at 6.00am this morning and wouldn't go back to sleep. I was afraid he would wake toddler so I gave him a board book.

He studied the book carefully and turned the pages here and there. He looked at the front cover and back cover.

Then he studied the bedpost.... the wall..... the pillows....... the bedsheet....... his blanket...... me.

Then he started clapping his hands gleefully and beamed, his little face lighting up in a huge happy smile.

He finally went back to sleep at 8.00am. Hmm.... maybe he's excited and knows his first birthday is coming this Thursday. Hehe. Smart baby. Mummy sayang!


  1. and thursday is a holiday! happy birthday to toddler ;)

  2. happy birthday baby! time flies isn't it?

  3. wa..so fast ler..baby 1st birthday coming liao..remember to cook some red hald boil egg for baby ohh..f baby kenot eat, i'm sure play with egg oso very happy want..haha

  4. cool!! happy bday in advance :)

  5. cool! since i wont be in cyberworld this thursday, so i might as well wishing your baby happy birthday in advance too! Give him a big kiss on behalf ya =)

  6. Happy Birthday baby MG #2 LOL...
    BTW, what holiday is it this Thurday? Selangor wan or KL wan? or nationawide wan?

  7. So sweet your description (Then he started clapping his hands gleefully and beamed, his little face lighting up in a huge happy smile.) - sounds like my little man too. He's just turned one too.

    Doesn't it just makes your heart glow when they laugh and smile at you? Makes all the late nights and baby bites worth it (my boy already has had 8 teeth for ages and now he has taken to biting me, and his sister. Darn painful cause he really chomps down and I can't push him away for fear of hurting him..??!!)

    Anyway, happy birthday to your precious. Give him a hug and a kiss for us (a mom, a pre-schooler and a baby!)

  8. Happy Birthday to MG's baby !!!

    He must be very exited when the time to blow the candle :P

  9. MG, plan to buy what for baby already ma ?

  10. MG, your stories remind me of my 2 kids when they are small. Everything is magic .....

  11. Happy Birthday to MG's baby!!!

  12. Happy birthday in advance!! How time flies. Anything special planned?

  13. Luckily Jason is just in time to get himself connected to the matrix to wish baby "Happy Birthday"! heheh~

  14. Maybe tomorrow I am going to Taiping. So, Happy Birthday in advance to baby and a pat on the back to MG for a year of being mama to two kids. God bless!

  15. Hehehh! I can't wait till we celebrate our kid's birthday. :) Happy Birthday Baby ver 2.0!

  16. Happy Birthday baby... Hey are yours also same day as mine?? my sweet girl was born on 19/04/04 wo... :>

  17. Baby says Thank you everyone for the birthday greetings. :D MG was in hospital doing some tests so no time to reply to everyone's comments. Wait ah...If I got time and if I feel like it one day I blog about that.


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