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Thursday, December 01, 2005


We have a new parrot in the house. Actually, its just My Boy's latest development stage. As of Saturday, 26 Nov, 2005, he has started to repeat words after us. This is a really fun stage.

MG: "Baby, baby.... Say Mama. Say Mama."
My Boy: "Mama"
MG: "Aaaaaah!" (clap clap clap, big smile)

Mr MG: "Baby, baby...... Say Papa. Say Papa."
My Boy: "Papa"............ "Aaaaaaah!" (clap clap clap, big smile)

Its really hilarious the way he says "Aaaaaah!" after he repeats the words, as if to congratulate himself for being so clever.


  1. Aaahh! this is where they start to develop their talking skills (albeit in an alien language) :)

  2. Aaaaah, how interesting!!! :P Later he will demand for clapping whenever he achieve something.

    My boy won't be satisfied until his grandpa stop reading newspaper and gave him a big CLAP. :)

  3. egghead, you are right. My Boy often sounds like he's speaking some foreign language like Korean/Japanese or Alien, as you say, when he "talks". It sounds so adorable.

    allyfeel, He loves all the clapping songs and other action songs and knows immediately what to do when the song is sung to him or when he sees the familiar pages of the rhyme book. :)

  4. Hey! That's exactly what my boy does too... after a few times praising him with "Yaaayyy!!" (clap clap clap)... he'll end up doing it himself too LOL... so cute!

  5. My girl is also like that.. but she'll only parrot me if she's in a good mood.

    Else.. she will just talk her alien language, and even gets angry if we can't understand her.

  6. so cute!!! Aaaaaah... my xuan already passed this stage.. he now is like ur sweet daughter liao, talk non-stop :p

  7. sue, they love to blow their own trumpets. hehe.

    zara's mama, alien language is extremely language and you are right, they get mad when we don't understand their alien language!

    shiaulin, time for you to make another baby? ;)

  8. three blogs in a role again?

    another parrot? is the time for whole family watch out what they say already hahaha...

  9. Yah hor, better not use any swear words..


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