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Monday, October 24, 2005

Mrs Jekyll and Mdm Hyde

I'm a Mrs Jekyll and Mdm Hyde mommy.

Mrs Jekyll often comes out:

  • at bedtimes when the stage is set for relaxation. Apparently Mrs Jekyll likes to take it easy
  • when the kids say or do something funny and sweet
  • when the kids need comforting
Mdm Hyde often makes an appearance:
  • especially during mealtimes
  • when rushing to go out or simply when rushing
  • when busy with chores especially those that require concentration and no interuptions for eg. writing a cheque etc
  • when sleepy
  • during times of stress

Oh my gosh! When writing this out, I realised that its very hard to think of the times when Mrs Jekyll appears but it was easy to think of the times Mdm Hyde came out to play! Hmm.... must do something about this! Hope the kids don't get too frightened by the horrible, ugly, scary monstor Mdm Hyde!

On another note, I won't be blogging very much over the next couple of weeks so my blog posts will be rather short (I'm usually long winded). I won't have very much time to visit blogs too (sorry guys and gals) but lack of time won't stop me from blogging because my blog is my positive place. Its a place where I gather my positive thoughts, practise positive thinking so to speak, and its a place where I remind myself to be thankful for the little things. Most of my life, especially during my teenage years, I have been a negative person, a pessimist and an intovert but not anymore. (Now, reading my blog you wouldn't think it would you because my blog is mostly positive, or so I hope it to be. I won't rant very much on my blog, I promise.) I love my blog too much to stop blogging even when I have little time. So I shall blog on. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Hmm, whatever it may be, I hope all's well for you!

  2. moms rock.

    my alter-ego's called mr. cranky. and...uh...mr. cranky.

  3. you are a very sweet lady dear. keep blogging, keep that positive thoughts coming!

  4. yar, your banner consultant still standing by her you know :P

  5. no worries... take some time off to cool down so that mdm hyde will go back to her hiding place in the basement :)

  6. Love your positive vibe, keep it up MG. :-*

  7. emm...I often think like you, want to slow down on the blog, do less on blog hopping (seriously, too many nice blogs too little time), but ended up still blog everyday, and hopping evryday *sigh*, my finger don't listen to me.

    anyway...festive season coming, Twinsdad will e home most of the time, might cut down on the PC time too.

  8. narrowband, alls well, thank you very much!

    mr cranky, what a coincidence, my middle name is cranky too. hahaha.

    ely, thanks! I'll try.

    buaya69, consultant.. you are too kind and I don't have any nice pics for the banner, can use yours ah? :P

    egghead, taking time off not becos of Mdm Hyde but becos no access to PC. Hahaha.

    allyfeel, really ar? really got positive vibes? hehehe.

    maria (*wink wink*) everytime I take time off from blogging you know why lah.... (hahaha. only you know and I know, let the rest guess, guess.)

  9. Period? or morning sickness?

    anyway, come back soon.

  10. Take a vacation and come back refresh. Sometimes we human have good and bad times. It is the good times that stayed in our memory to keep us going.

  11. MG, what's all this secret btw u and Maria lah? Anyway, come back soon.

  12. zara's mama, neither. keep guessing. :P

    michelle, having good times until too busy to blog. hehe.

    lydia, lol. becos Maria is in the same boat so she knows what I'm talking about. BTW, went to MPH this evening to browse through your book. Wait yah? When I get pocket money from my financier than I go buy and give a review. ;) Anyway, you must feel proud of yourself to achieve something that many of us can only dream about.

  13. Hey.. MG,
    Whatever you are doing.. i wish you well..! and i can understand.. the time factor..for blog hopping..! i hope to read more soon.. :)

  14. Hi Mrs Jekyll and Mrs Hyde, all in one. You have a good long hols ya! Me gonna have a whole week off. Yay!

  15. u made me realise that i too am guilty of being mdm hyde too often.

    hope to hear from u soon...

  16. eh MG, started to miss u very much liao leh... still no updates... *sigh*

  17. *ahem*... start missing you liao, holiday not over yet?

  18. hehehe....still on holiday.....miss you all too.

  19. hi MG, i tag u for the routine check, and also tag myself for the 5 childhood memories to food as promised. hop on to kpc a bit k?

  20. shiaulin, thanks. will do when I come out from blog hibernation :PpP

  21. you have no idea how I hate to see " Mrs Jekyll and Mdm Hyde" still appear on your blog when I log in to your site.
    come lar, one line blog also can lar ( I know you will end up many many lines wan), lai-lar...one line blog lar... *evil smile*


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