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Friday, January 13, 2006

About Being Happy and CNY Resolutions

A friend of mine recently said this during email exchanges with the gang about New Year wishes and greetings of happiness, good fortune, money and health etc.

".......... it's more one's perception of things than what actually is. When I was back home, I saw a family with many kids piled into a car with windows rolled down sweating away singing happily in spite of the uncomfortable conditions and a luxurious car with the family in it looking sour faced. "

How very true isn't it? Happiness is a choice. Its easy to be happy and easy to be unhappy too.

I had not blogged about any new year resolutions but I had something in mind, more or less...
I was thinking of:

  1. Listening more and complaining less
  2. Smiling more and frowning less
  3. Exercising more and eating less
  4. Praising more and criticising less (as suggested by Lian)

Well, January isn't even over and I've failed in 1 & 2 quite miserably! The only thing I've been successful at is No. 3 which probably explains the 10 pound loss I've had since I started on in in October. (I'm now about 125 pounds instead of 135 pounds and I can fit into some old clothes now if I hold my breath and stand up all day. Hahaha.) Yippee! But before I go on to cheer myself further, I should really try harder to practise 1 & 2 in my daily life and see what sort of results I get instead. Yes! Thats what I should do. A change of attitude is even better than a change of clothing size. I've really got to learn to control my temper and emotions better. Now, thats even a lot harder to do than losing weight! Ok, so now I've got my Chinese New Year resolutions since I didn't make it for the calander new year.


  1. A simple yet meaningful reolution. Something for the body, mind and soul.

  2. how true that is!
    we should choose to live happily no matter what situation we're in :)

  3. Yap, our perception will determine how we view life. Choices are all our, can choose to be happy with what we have or miserable with what we have. Be happy lah, either way still have to live on wah, so why make life miserable!! :)

  4. very well put - that happiness is about choosing to be happy or not. it is very subjective.

  5. Thanks for reminding me. I too am guilty of 1 & 2. Anyway Congrats on 3 & u must be looking good these days!

  6. Temper and emotions will always be a challenge. Here's one more:
    Praise more and critisize less.

  7. Oh ya forgot to add for no. 3- Eat less junk food & more healthy stuff

  8. congested traffic duirng pre-CNY really test one patience yah?
    as long my kids with me, I always happy :).
    hey, I still exercising leh. lost 1.5 kg liao.

  9. love your new year resolution. Perhaps I should practice the no 1 and 2.

  10. geetha, something for the body, mind and soul? hmm... I hadn't quite thought of it that way. :)

    egghead, Don't worry, be happy! ;)

    contented mum, Just your nickname alone shows that you live by this motto. lol.

    mom2ashley, You can view your cup as half empty or half full, yes?

    a&a'smom, Thanks for the tip, coming from one whose been there, done that (slim down, I mean), I will take it very seriously. :)

    lian, Hey thanks! I really like that. Its good for the kids. I think I will put it in as No 4 resolution if you don't mind. :)

    maria, Congrats on your weight loss. We must cheer each other on!

    allyfeel, I'm only good at talk but have been poor at practising it! *hangs head in shame*


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