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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A New Year Present

We have been waiting eagerly for My Boy to say his first word. Oh, sometimes I think he does say "Mama", "Che Che" (sister) and he says "Bah" when we go over a bump on the road but we did not count all of that in because sometimes its in repetition or doesn't quite sound right. We wanted for him to say a word on his own volition without any prompting from us. And on 31st December 2005 he did just that!

I was on the PC errr.... playing with my Civilization game (hehe) and My Boy and My Girl were playing nearby. My Boy was busy moving books off the bookshelf and sat leafing through some of them when all of a sudden he came and pulled my hand. I followed him and he pointed to a picture of a star in the book he was looking at and said "Star!"

Now thats the second best New Year present I ever had.


  1. Here a new year song for you :

    have u heard of indigo children?

  2. wow...good to hear that ur boy started talking :). Soon there'll be more words hehe

  3. more to come, more to come. so got encouragement to show more picture to him?

  4. what a fantastic pressie!!! am sure there are more pressies to come!!!

  5. yayyy! new milestone for your boy :) and a very nice new year prezzie!

  6. Sometimes they just surprise you when you least expect it.

    Wonderful isn't it?

  7. life feel, thanks for the new year song. :)

    jazzmint, then I'll be telling him shhhh. hehehe.

    geetha, and cheers to you too!

    maria, yah, he loves to "read". ;)

    mom2ashley, can't wait!

    sue, yaayyy! high 5!!

    zara's mama, yup. its wonderful. :)

  8. What's next after Star? Hehe... May be he will ask u to bring him to StarBucks le...there got free internet access..:)

  9. Allyfeel, do you know that I haven't stepped into Starbucks before? I'm not much of a coffee person. :)

  10. Great!! Just goes to show kids really do listen when you teach them.

    Dina hasn't spoken her 1st word yet. She says "Abah" all the time but not only in referance to her father so it doesn't count. I'm her "Abah", her sister is "Abah", my maid is "Abah", even the cat that goes to our house is "Abah". Hehehehee, hubby cannot brag that Dina said his name first.


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