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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Sometimes eavesdropping in my house can be a rather fun activity. Here is a conversation between my 3 1/2 year old girl and 1 1/2 year old boy I heard recently:

3 1/2 year old: Baby, why your face like that one?

1 1/2 year old: ------------

3 1/2 year old: Baby, say "Book", say "Book" baby.

1 1/2 year old: Ah Duh!

3 1/2 year old: Whats Ah Duh?

1 1/2 year old: Kiri korek

3 1/2 year old: Whats kiri korek?

1 1/2 year old: kiri korek kada zini

3 1/2 year old: Zini zini zini (Hehehe)

And here's a conversation between My Girl and Mr MG I overheard recently:

My Girl: Daddy, whats this?

Mr MG: Beard

After some time has passed....

My Girl: Whats shay?

Mr MG: Huh? Shape izzit?

My Girl: No! No! Shay. Whats shay?

Mr MG: Huh? What are you talking about? What shay?

My Girl: Daddy, whats shay?!!! (pointing to Mr MG's unshaven face, I presume)

Mr MG: Oh, you mean shave. Its to shave off the beard.

My Girl: Why?

Mr MG: Because the beard will grow.

My Girl: Oh! Grow like flowers. (and she sounded very happy indeed with the relevation after which she came to me and said "Grow like flowers, mummy" with a big smile. lol)


  1. so cute for kids to have siblings... they talk in their own language :)

  2. I did a lot eavesdropping too, three years old conversation always fun to listen :D.
    and we always got surprise by the words they have pick up sin't it?

  3. owweee. So cutee. I can't wait for Keith to start babytalk with me.hehe

  4. Cute heh.
    Baby talk is so adorable....
    I can't wait for my boyz to start communicating with each other. Now, only the elder boy talks to his bro.. but no reply yet..

  5. I like listening to toddlers talking. They have their own imagination and can go on and on and on in their own languages :-)

  6. that;s so cute! i was speaking to a 4 year old toddler over xmas and he never ceased to amaze me with his questions.

  7. Kids have such wonderful imagination huh? She is so cutie cute.

    Btw, MG I have tagged you. :)

  8. hehe cute..wonders how they can relate things together

  9. Cute baby talk! I think with cheh-cheh's constant talking to your toddler, he'll pick up talking skills even faster!

  10. egghead, time to make a sibling for your kid? ;)

    maria, its also fun to listen when they are "reading". Often the stories is not from the book but from their own imagination/thoughts. I can often hear my girl "reading" things like this "........and baby naughty and mummy beat beat.....mummy sayang me, mummy play with me..." etc. etc. when she's "reading" from a book.

    sabrina, you can start babytalking to keith and he will soon "talk" right back! :)

    geetha, even without a reply they will still talk and talk yah?

    baby smooches, sometimes I do wonder what they're "saying".

    mom2ashley, sometimes I don't know how to answer the questions!

    allyfeel, thanks for the tag. I think I've been double tagged. :P However I have to be a spoilsport and am unable to continue the tag. Its hard to blog when your spouse does not support your blogging so sad to say, my enthusiasm for blogging has been very much dampened, now I only write to record some important kid milestones and not so much for myself anymore. I think my blog has become boring!

    jazzmint, sometimes they can even "quarrel"! Now thats even cuter to listen to!

    shoppingmum, yes, now he says, "star" and "car". I'm eagerly waiting for "mummy."

  11. i am waiting for my 2.5 year old and 1 year old to start conversing. now, whatever my one year old say, the 2.5 year old will repeat it back to me as though she's the only one who understands her baby sister.

  12. haha. thats cute miche. maybe she really is the only one who understand her baby sister. lol.

  13. Your boy is speaking Malay is it?

    Your girl is cute! They are just so amazing, how the little minds work.


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