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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chinese New Year through the years

When I was a kid, Chinese New Year was an exciting time. We would balik kampung. We met up with long lost relatives. We wore new clothes. (We didn't buy new clothes all year round as the kids these days do, so it was more exciting to get many new clothes all at once for CNY). We got to drink fizzy sodas (Again, we didn't get to drink them all year round at fast food joints).

There were angpows, angpows and more angpows and lots of good food, cookies, oranges and groundnuts to munch on all day and we got to stay up late into the night and gamble! Oh and I almost forgot the beautiful fireworks that light up the night sky. It was really fun. The firecrackers are a bit too loud for me though.

And then when I was a teenager, it was still exciting to compare new clothing and fashions with all our cousins when we got together at the old family house. It was fun to go out together to have our hair done and watch movies together.

And then everyone grew up and got married and the old house got less and less merry as the girls did not come home for the CNY anymore since they were required to be at their in-laws. Some of the younger ones were studying overseas and did not return home for CNY cos it was expensive to do so. We stopped doing things together. The married boys had their own little families to look after now and everything just became quieter overall.

Then I got married and I followed my hubby's traditions which is a much quieter version than mine was. Now we have kids and its starting to get fun again. Its lovely to start our own little family CNY ritual. Even though they're still very young, its nice to create excitement for the kids by buying new clothes and shoes for them and telling them that they must wait till CNY before they can wear it.

I remember as a child, how nice it was to change into new pyjamas after a bath on the eve of CNY so we got them cute little pyjamas for the eve as well. Baby will look so cute in his first "man" pyjamas and my girl will look sweet in her brightly coloured one.

Its nice to involve them in the house cleaning and decorating. I know my girl is looking forward to "washing" the balcony. We do it together like twinsmom. Even baby helps out. He would be in just his diapers and pants and he'd sit there on the floor looking very happy and wet while he plays with the bucket of water in the pail. My girl is happy to help "pour" the water for us from her little red watering can.

Its fun to put up the decorations afterwards, the little dolls, flowers and hanging mobiles and see their excitement being ignited when the red lanterns are lighted up. Its nice to build up their excitement for CNY and in doing so, our own excitement builds up too. CNY is not just about the day, its also about all the rituals leading to the day and it lasts for 15 days! What a celebration. I'm really looking forward to it.


  1. not as lucky huh being a woman... cannot spend CNY's eve with your family... my wife feels the same

  2. you done your spring clean? want to help mine? LOL...
    I wait till the week before CNY baru clean, if clean it now, three days later all dust already (my house next to main road).
    wil want to put some flower too.
    you got me into the mood liao :D.

    I miss going to Terengganu on CNY with my parent too :(. nvm lar, I replace it with the gin-ramy :P.

  3. When we were kids, drinking F&N orange from the bottle during CNY was a must!

  4. CNY is so different nowadays, I must say it was much more festive last time, not too sure if it's because I grew up hehehe....

  5. wow so nice...my hubby's family is never that festive mood...and my family needless to say, don't really celebrate as well esp. since my mom's demise...hai I really miss those days

  6. MG: wah so fast done spring cleaning liao? I have very little memories of CNY growing up...all I knew is nowadays I get very little ang pows :(

  7. Reading your post really put me into CNY mood. All the fun of CNY when young. Now that I have my own little princess, I am also very excited abt CNY. Counting my days when I can balik kampung. I am the lucky one, can join both family for reunion meal. Lunch at my mom and dinner at mil. :)


  9. CNY always more fun for the kids!!!
    Nevertheless, I still look forward to it every year. Now, the exciting is slowly building up......

  10. egghead, nvm lah, kenot spend New Year's eve still can spend Chap Goh Meh what. ;)

    maria, no, I notchet start cleaning. You want to come over and help me instead? haha.

    fishtail, yes. yes. I must have my "kam chui" (golden water) for CNY.

    sue, You grew up loh! LOL!

    jazzmint, I wasn't referring to my hubby's family but rather the own rituals we're starting to create now with our own little family.

    mystic, You oso want to come and help me with my spring cleaning ah. I notchet start yet. Its too early.

    contented mum, Lucky you!

    a&a's mom, Thank you. Thank you.

    king's mum, Gone shopping yet?

  11. I can feel your excitement already :) Yes, I must get into the spirit and start shopping TODAY!

  12. Brings back my old memory! Me also can't wait for CNY, can't wait to feel the excitement...

  13. The cny spirit is much merrier and joyous when there're little children around. Have a prosperous new year!

  14. Arr...nice team work!

    I was looking for a set of pyjamas for bb but not sure where to get 'em. Any suggestions MG?

  15. I can never wait till later to wear new clothes. Once buy must wear immediately. My daughter has inherited this trait of mine.
    Well, have a great CNY. I agree with you it's the traditions that we set during the festive seasons that's going to make it festive for our children. Creating feel good memories, that's so important.

  16. Nice ritual of yours, that new-pyjama thingy on the eve. Our new-pyjama ritual usually happens on the Pai Theen Koong night where the kids wear nice new PJs and partake in sumptuous goodies late at night after prayers to the Gods. I think I will also have new pyjamas on the eve too! Credits to you, of course!!

    Have been so busy with settling my girl in std 1, hardly any time to get in the CNY mood. Good to have bloggers like you to remind me!! Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your kids! *hands clasped in traditional New Year greeting* (I just got my girl to teach my boy to do that when we go collect angpows!! heehee..)

  17. de book worm, hahaha. nothing like shopping to get one in the mood eh? ;)

    shoppingmum, no need to wait till CNY to feel the excitement, can start RIGHT NOW!

    narrowband, Thank you. You too!

    allyfeel, I got mine from Jusco, cheaper there. hehe.

    lian, I usually can tahan the waiting. :P

    kat, gongxi, gongxi, on your kid entering Std 1. :)

  18. I wish you and your family a happy chinese new year. I can't remember the last time I celebrated with my friends but I remember the celebrations being happy occations - no matter who you are - a malay, a chinese, an indian and we all enjoyed and cherished our friendship. Ha! must blog abt this!

  19. kak teh, Thank you for your greetings. What you say is true. I remember cycling with my Indian and Malay friends to each other's house to celebrate each other's celebrations and of course enjoy each other's food!

  20. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!! :D

  21. Make me feel today is CNY, it was great when we still kids but now all married had family and got hometown to go so less and less can celebrate together.

  22. btw, Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!!!

  23. wah, so touching... :)

    happy new year, MG!

  24. Happy Chinese New Year MG! keong hee huat chai!


  26. well..i'm not much into celebrating CNY .....xmas is a bigger thing for me and my family...new clothes is not a must for CNY but new clothes is more of a must for us during xmas...but after i got married....i guess we celebrate both occasions equally..it's more of the reunion that i look forward to ..


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