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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Her first high heels

We got my girl her first "high heels" for Chinese New Year. I'm not sure why but we've always dressed her up in jeans and T-shirts and not dresses. We're so used to see her in this attire that when she wears dresses she doesn't look like our girl to us. Lol! Most of her few dresses are hand-me-downs from her cousins.

She had a cute little pink flower sleeveless sundress from her aunts and we loved see her in it and thats probably her most worn dress. She's usually in sneakers or sports shoes because we think its more practical for little girls so they can run around freely without worry of tripping and injuring their feet.

However for this Chinese New Year we got her a pretty dress and little dress shoes to go with it. She's delighted! She's happy to wear shoes like mummy's. Everynight she would totter up and down the bedroom practising walking on her new "high heels". Baby wanted to "practise" walking on his sneakers too. *rolls eyes*

I wanted to post a picture of the shoes and dress but having problems with my camera pic download so maybe I'll do it later if I'm not too lazy.


  1. sasha,
    Patience lady. Have to wait until I sort out the pc first. hehe.


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