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Monday, February 12, 2007

Switched to the New Blogger

I've been switched to the new blogger. I was not allowed to sign in unless I switched and so switch I did. It took all of 2 minutes and everything was done. All my add-ons and other customization stayed intact. Phew! *wipes cold sweat off forehead*

I was dreading this day for months worrying about losing my layout etc and having to redo everything. I even went to change the template on my other blog to make it more "switch friendly" because I had problems switching earlier. I was worried that the template that I was using was not compatible with the new blogger. Hmm..... should have left my old template intact.

Now, I'm still running on the old html code because I'm so worried about trying out the new ones and having to waste time redoing everything. (my various add ons). Feel really silly for having switched but not trying out the new blogger but no time to mess around with templates these days.


  1. Yeah, I too was forced to switch.

    Had a few blogger logins, some which for code testing during work. Now that they had forced me to make everything into one account.

    Still trying to customise the template I want. *sweating*

  2. dolphine,
    I dare not touch my blog templates because I'm afraid of the work involved in customising it again. Phew!


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